Dear spectators! 

We have some great news for you:

With concerts in Zelenograd on October 15th , in Smolensk on October 18th  and further wherever technical capabilities allow, we start online video broadcasts of our performances!

Now everyone who, for various reasons, could not attend the concert in person, can visit it virtually, and more than once, following us through the cities of the tour! 

At the same time, as the six-meter aura of the artists can only be felt at a live performance and cannot reach you through the screen, we made tickets for the broadcast a bit cheaper than tickets for the farthest row of the stalls. 

One more thing – we consider these broadcasts as a visit to a live concert, so after watching the recording will not be available. But if you fail to watch our broadcast within two days after performance you will get the opportunity to do it in other cities of the tour.

Follow the announcements!

Join our tour in the “Broadcasts” section on the official website!

See you at the concerts!