Svetlana Surganova presented a very personal video. 

Today Svetlana Surganova presented a new video “Mir – Labirint” (“The World is a Labyrinth”) featuring laconic shots instead of complex plots, lively emotions of friends as an alternative to the play of professional actors and the person, who is the most important to her, for the first time ever on camera. 

Before the start of its autumn tour, “Surganova and the Orchestra” released perhaps the most personal video for all 16 years of the band.

The movie was directed by Maria Smelkova, who had already worked on documentaries about the band.  This time she suggested making a simple but very real video about emotions of real people. Friendship, love, sympathy – all feelings found a place in it. There is not a single random person in the video. You will see in it: Valeriy Tkhai, the solo guitarist, with his daughter and granddaughter, Nikita Mezhevich, the keyboard player,  with his wife, Sergey Sokolov, the drummer, Mikhail Tebenkov, the trumpeter, Maria Savkina, the violinist, Denis Susin, the bass player, the band sound engineer Dmitriy Stepanov, friends and acquaintances of the musicians, and, of course, Liya Davydovna, Svetlana’s mother. Liya Davydovna  after much persuasion nevertheless agreed to star in the video with her daughter in spite of the emotions that overwhelmed her (she was on the set for the first time and was very worried that she was not an actress and needed to work for the camera).

And the meaning of this video was best explained by Surganova herself:

What is this video about? This is such a message of positivity, smiles and courage. It reminds  that life is what is here and right now. Do not be afraid to show your feelings, especially sincere ones, your being in love or being charmed by someone or something. The world is a labyrinth, and if you love and you are not afraid of anything, it will lead you to your dream anyway”.