DELFI: an Interview before the concert in TALLINN

On the eve of her hot concert in hot Tallinn Svetlana Surganova told why Oxxxymiron was of interest to her and what “Nochnye Snaipery” of the year 2019 would have been like.

The organizers have announced the concert as the new and the best. What is the best for you?

We’ve collected the best compositions we created for the last 15 years. In April 2018 our band celebrated its 15th anniversary. And now within the frames of our world tour we are, I dare say, skating our Jubilee program. It includes our best compositions along with the new ones released in 2018 and 2019. It is a wonderful combination of the strings arrangements and the guitar drive. I am sure, this program can satisfy the tastes and interests of very different audiences, for those who love the classics and the high poetry we have songs to the poems by Anna Akhmatova, Marina Tsvetaeva, Iosif Brodskiy, for others – dancing, drive and new modern sounding. 

Is the program perceived differently in different countries? For example, some songs are the favorites in Germany and others in Russia.

I am glad that people of all countries respond well to the combination of the classical poetry and the rock and roll drive that we present. It turns out that the gentle poetry fits perfectly to the dense sound. And it works the same everywhere. I hope that Estonia will not be an exception.

You are a fan of Akhmatova and Tsvetaeva. How do you feel about modern poetic texts?

Rap is very popular. Rappers compose verses easily. Their texts are abundant, sometimes socially sharp. Very interesting texts.  Monetochka and Oxxxymiron  – both are interesting to me. I envy them in a good way. They write poems so easily. They are able to find themes that are understandable and of great topicality.

Last year everyone discussed your temporary reunion with Diana Arbenina. Is your cooperation possible and how would it differ from the times of “Nochnye Shaipery”?

I believe that everything is possible as long as we are all safe and sound. I would like that very much.  Would it differ? By and large, it would not.

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