Liya Davidovna Surganova is celebrating her birthday today! 

Dear Liya Davidovna! Your life story is a sample of resilience and wisdom to lean on, your sense of humor and thirst for life is a perfect example for new generations to follow!

Mother is the most important word in everyone’s fate! We thank you for the fate of one little girl, whose light you were able to see by your motherly heart! Strength of spirit and warmth of soul – it runs in your family!

Let us all be one big family today and send you greetings from all over Russia and other countries, wishing you very good health!

Happy birthday to you, dear Liya Davidovna!


Svetlana and her house were recently the heroes of “The House of My Dream” show on the TV channel “Zagorodniy” (Tricolor TV).

The hosts of the show were guests at Svetlana Surganova’s house. The guests proved to be nice and helpful: the interior psychologist told about the color of the kitchen, the importance  and ways of zoning the rooms.

Be sure to watch the show tomorrow, January the 28th , at 09:45 a.m. and 04:20 p.m, repeated on  January the 29th at 03:25 p.m and 09:15 p.m.

And follow our t.me  for some cozy backstage photos!


On January the 27th  Sveta and Valera,  mother and father of our band,  were  guests of the morning show “Podyomniki”  on Nashe Radio. They answered the least favorite question of all creative people on these their creative plans and told a lot of interesting things – about healthy lifestyle, the evolution of the band’s common rider and shared their attitude to the awards (a rather controversial one).

Watch the record of “Podyomniki” live broadcast, comment on our pages in social networks, we are waiting for the comments! 

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On November the 11th, 2022, Svetlana Surganova and Valeriy Tkhai performed at DAIRAFEST ethno-festival in a unique collaboration: the songs  “Vesna” (“Spring”) and “Puzzly” (“Puzzles”)  were performed to the sounds of the kahona, the bansuri (an Indian flute) and with the participation of the Saint  Petersburg Symphony Orchestra.

Get a new impression of our “Vesna” (“Spring”) – listen to this unusual arrangement. From the very beginning the bansuri flute sets the “oriental”  tone, and it seems that spring is blooming not in a communal flat, but in some mysterious Asian rain forests. And, supported by the violins,  as if breaking free, the familiar voice flies upwards: “Vesnaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!”

Pravin (Pavel Novikov) – bansuri (Indian flute)

Denis Kucherov – cajon

Valeriy Tkhai – guitar

Arrangement – Artem Laukhin

Saint Petersburg Symphony Orchestra


The first in three years concert in Kaliningrad took place right on Svetlana Surganova’s birthday, November 14!

The camera accompanied us all day long to record this great concert.  Thanks to everyone, who came, who watched online broadcast and celebrated Svetlana’s birthday with us and to the audience, who stood up in unison!

Planning of surprises, sound checking, interviews with the musicians – all this is in the video by Evgeniy Shavrov.

Photos of the concert 

Vladimir, Tula, Kaluga, Saint Petersburg, Moscow, are you ready to enjoy our amazing Birthday – New Year’s Eve Show live? We are waiting for you at our coming concerts!

Tickets  available at official site only


Dear friends! 

We have to postpone our concert of November 26th  due to Svetlana Surganova’s illness (unfortunately, Sveta has got a cold. But she is recovering, don’t worry) New date is on the 30th  of December. Venue is the same, “1930 Moscow” Club. All previously purchased tickets are valid and do not need to be exchanged.

We are really sorry, too.

Take care and don’t get sick!

 December 30 – Moscow, 1930 Moscow

 Last tickets are  HERE

If you have any questions, please contact  bilet@melnitsa.ru


Our dearest Sveta!

Our best wishes to  you, the captain of our ship!

Let the wind of inspiration fill the sails of your ideas, of new spaces, endless possibilities, great impressions and the sunniest weather!  

We – your band, the Orchestra, PushkinRyadom, your loved ones and fans – we love you very much and will always support you! We wish you health and happiness!

Happy birthday!


Even if you are not familiar with the works by Marina Tsvetayeva, you can probably quote a few lines from the legacy of this outstanding poet of the Silver Age. And, most likely, it will be the poem “I like it that I’m not obsessed with you”. People loved it upon the release of the melodrama “The Irony of Fate or Enjoy Your Bath”, where Mikhael Tariverdiyev brilliantly set these lines to music.

The poem was written by Tsvetayeva in 1915 and was dedicated to her sister Anastasia’s common-law husband, Mavrikiy Alexandrovich Mints.

It might seem a bit strange to hear a young woman, only three years into her own marriage, confess her “not-love” for another man. But knowing Marina, who fell in love each time with new strength, selflessly, fully surrendering, you understand why such a poem appeared.

This year marks the 130th anniversary of Marina Ivanovna Tsvetayeva. You can’t miss the event, even if you don’t know much about the poet. That’s why the musicians, Svetlana Surganova and a cappella “PlusFive”, decided to breathe new life into this composition.

This version uses just two instruments: a human voice and a duduk,  an Armenian folk instrument. This is how the musicians decided to reveal the song through a combination of ethnic motifs and modern beatboxing.

The location was an old mansion in the heart of Saint Petersburg. The interiors of the century before last became full-fledged participants in the video sequence. Their refinement and at the same time restraint perfectly match the profound poetry and delicate musical framing, emphasizing its hidden emotionality. 


  Svetlana Surganova (“Surganova and the Orchestra”)

  A cappella PLUSFIVE

  Directed by Kirill Veselov (films: “VOICES FROM ABSOLUTE”, the video for the band “KnyaZz” for the song “Hands to the Sky”)

  Cameraman, coloring – Darya Ustenko (Yeschenepozner)

  Make-up – Victoria Ignatyukova.

  Administrator – Yuliya Zhuravleva

  Recording, mixing, mastering – Dmitriy Marenkov (April Sound studio)

  Producer – Vladimir Mgeryan

Location  – the Russian State Institute of Stage Arts, located in the former mansion of Countess N.V. Bezobrazova.


Svetlana Surganova: Any restrictions give the chance to show your best, at least despite all the formats, that are not inherent in you. 


The tour, which includes 16 Russian cities, is called “At Our Best”. “Surganova and the Orchestra” have chosen the best songs for it, from “Vesna” (“Spring”) and “Daleko” (“Far Away”)  to “Neuzheli Ne Ya?” (“Is It Not Me?”) with lyrics by Brodskiy. They’ll also play the songs from their latest double album “Vse Budet. Zavtra”. (“All Will Be. Tomorrow”): “Volchitsa” (“She-Wolf”), “Aquarel”, “Liven Osenniy” (“Autumn Rain”) … By the way, it is interesting to listen not only to the songs, but to what the artist is saying in the pauses between them. About hits, life and favorite poets, to whose verses she creates music:  Akhmatova, Gumilev, Mandelstam, Tsvetayeva… This year, the singer, violinist and guitarist also debuted in a new role – she appeared in the jury of young musicians competitions. The columnist of “RG” started the conversation with a sore point – why Russian rock had long been devoid of new talents.



On the 4th of  November Svetlana Surganova took part in the  production of “Black January. Forgiveness Sunday”  rock-oratorio. It was a part of “Night of Arts”, the All-Russian cultural and educational event.

Vladimir Pankov, director and winner of “Golden Mask” theatre award,  presented a new reading of the rock oratorio, devoted to the 80th anniversary of “Molodaya Guardia” , the underground anti-fascist Komsomol organization. He  used a modern theatre form and the principle of synthesis of the arts – theatre, music and choreography.

The plot of the rock-oratorio is based on real events. It is a tragic story of the deeds and the  heroes of “Molodaya Guardia”, the Soviet underground anti-fascist organization of young men and women, established in September 1942.

We appreciated the high artistic merits of the production, we hope you will join us!

The Video is on the official page of “Znaniye” Russian  Society in  VKontakte social network .