Dear spectators! 

We have some great news for you:

With concerts in Zelenograd on October 15th , in Smolensk on October 18th  and further wherever technical capabilities allow, we start online video broadcasts of our performances!

Now everyone who, for various reasons, could not attend the concert in person, can visit it virtually, and more than once, following us through the cities of the tour! 

At the same time, as the six-meter aura of the artists can only be felt at a live performance and cannot reach you through the screen, we made tickets for the broadcast a bit cheaper than tickets for the farthest row of the stalls. 

One more thing – we consider these broadcasts as a visit to a live concert, so after watching the recording will not be available. But if you fail to watch our broadcast within two days after performance you will get the opportunity to do it in other cities of the tour.

Follow the announcements!

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See you at the concerts!


Dear friends! 

Due to the new restrictions introduced in a number of cities, our concerts in Bryansk, Voronezh and Belgorod are postponed until the spring of 2022.

Actual dates of the concerts:

March 11 – Bryansk

March 12 – Belgorod

March 14 – Voronezh

All tickets purchased are valid and do not need to be exchanged. Concerts in all other cities of the tour are currently valid!

In such a difficult time, we are doing our best to meet you. Thanks for your support! We’ll surely make it!


On October 5, 2021, at “16 Tons” club in Moscow, held was a closed presentation of the new studio album “Zavtra” (“Tomorrow”) by “Surganova and the Orchestra”. Earlier the band announced a fundraising to record the album. The new disc is the second part of the dilogy, which began with the album “Vse Budet” (“All will be”).

Surganova and the Orchestra – “Zavtra” (“Tomorrow”) (Premiere of the Album, 2021) 


The track list of the album “Zavtra” (“Tomorrow”) by “Surganova and the Orchestra” band consists of ten songs: “Shila Osen” (“Autumn was sewing”), “Trukachi” (“Stuntmen”), “Kolchuga” (“Chain mail”), “Krovotok” (“Blood flow”), “Kurator” (“Curator”), “Fluger” (“Weathervane”), “Zavtra” (“Tomorrow”), “Katapulta” (“Catapult”), “Flanel’ (“Flannel”), “Pazly” (“Puzzles”). The title song and “Trukachi” (“Stuntmen”) are featuring Nastya Polevaya, a famous rock-singer. Nastya was by chance at the studio at the time of the recording, and it was “Zavtra” (“Tomorrow”) that became the song that made the strongest impression on her.

“It’s like the birth of a long-awaited child, a very pleasant event and joy that we want to share,” the musicians said at the presentation. – We were doing it from our hearts and with great pleasure. Therefore, we are waiting for impressions from a variety of people!

By the way, the story of the album creation is rather unusual. The work began two years ago, and the most of it occurred in the difficult pandemic times, when the artists faced the concerts cancellations and closing of everything.  The second part of the album was recorded literary “on vacation” at a country resort near Saint Petersburg in a kind of cottage-studio. It turned out to be a creative experiment – the songs of the disc are very different stylistically and in spirit, these are the improvisations of all the musicians of the band.

“I don’t play music – I’m  playing with  music, I’m experimenting,” – the artist commented it in one of her interviews.

Some texts of the double CD were written by Svetlana herself, the other tracks are based on the lyrics of Saint Petersburg poets. Initially the singer wanted to title the album after another significant song “Pazly” (“Puzzles”).

“Our whole life is woven from various fragments that eventually come together in one puzzle,” Surganova believes.

Finally,  the name was changed to a more life-affirming “All will be tomorrow.”


Fan reaction: “Expectedly cool”

According to Svetlana Surganova, she tries not to read reviews about her music on the Internet, as she “gets depressed” if she sees any negative. The Orchestra’s musicians monitor the fans’ reactions. Then it is passed in dosed to the front woman of the band. However, the rockers have nothing to worry about. The new album was warmly received by fans.  Surganova’s Instagram has only positive comments.

“The album is amazing! An unprecedented case for me when I liked  EVERYTHING indeed! All compositions hit the top mark! Thanks”.

“With each track my eyes were getting  wider and wider, my jaw was rolling down the steps. And the heart is beating so loudly as if soon there will be a ritual fire. How, how .. How is it even possible that I kinda liked EVERYTHING! Indeed it was not without magic, I feel it in every note of the album.”

“My admirations for you, Svetlana! You are so versatile and talented! And the new album is a proof of that. It turned out very powerful and invigorating! And there are even traces of some hooliganism in Surganova style. Cool! Bravo to you and your entire team.”

“Expectedly cool. And yet I was not ready. I was not ready to get so hooked, the more you listen, the deeper and deeper you penetrate. So many, too many emotions, I try to endure. Goosebumps mutants attacks are especially strong during “Krovotok” (“Blood Flow”) and “Zavtra” (“Tomorrow”). Everything is cool, no exceptions. “


Presentation concert 

After a talk with the media “Surganova and the Orchestra” presented their new work. The artist confessed that today’s concert became a real holiday for her. An even greater celebration awaits Surganova and the army of her fans at the big presentation of the album, which will take place at the concert of the band at Crocus City Hall in Moscow on December 3d , 2021.

“Surganova and the Orchestra” band was founded in 2003 by Svetlana Surganova, a former member of “Nochniye Snaipery” band. During its existence, the band released 10 albums, as well as various lives, EPs and singles.


Surganova and the Orchestra presented two parts of the double album “Vse Budet. Zavtra” (“All Will Be. Tomorrow”). 

On October 5th 2021 at “16 Tons” Moscow club a closed presentation of the new album “Surganova and the Orchestra” took place. 

Our great friend and partner Agency of Great Opportunities was responsible for the technical and organizational part of the event.

The musicians performed the best songs of the double album, told the story of its creation, had a talk with the press and signed autographs. At the end of the concert the guests witnessed the pre-premiere screening of two videos: to the songs “Volchitsa” (“She- Wolf”) and “Liven Osenniy” (“Autumn Rain”).  These strong and very different in mood videos harmoniously closed the party. Their open premieres are coming this autumn!

On October 1st the second part of the double album “Zavtra” (“Tomorrow”) was released on all digital platforms. The first part, titled “Vse Budet” (“All Will Be”), was released in June  this year and, according to the musicians, it is both a consonance and an antipode of the new disc.

Work on the album began two years ago – with musical improvisations by the band members. Over time, suitable words were found for the melodies – the leader of the band, Svetlana Surganova, wrote some of the lyrics herself, others were based on the poems of Saint Petersburg poets.

All stages of work on the albums – from recording to mixing – took place at “Surganova and the Orchestra” own studio at “PushkinRyadom” Art Space, which also exists with the support of the band’s partner, the Agency of Great Opportunities.

These are the first records of the band fully made by the efforts of the band and its fans (the crowdfunding project on turned out to be more than successful – the total amount of the fundraising was several times more than the desired one). This double album is one hundred percent imbued with the character and atmosphere of the band.

Photo by Maria Minina


The future is now! 

From the 1st of October the new album SURGANOVA AND THE ORCHESTRA – ZAVTRA  is on all music venues!

  1. “Shila Osen” (“Autumn was sewing”) (lyrics – Olga Yashnikova, music – Pyotr Malakhovskiy)
  2. “Trukachi” (“Stuntmen”) (lyrics – Svetlana Surganova, music – Denis Susin)
  3. “Kolchuga” (“Chain mail”) (lyrics – Svetlana Surganova, music – Nikita Mezhevich)
  4. “Krovotok” (“Blood flow”) (lyrics – Svetlana Surganova, music – Denis Susin)
  5. “Kurator” (“Curator”) (lyrics – Irina Farenbrukh, Svetlana Surganova, music – Surganova and the Orchestra)
  6. “Fluger” (“Weathervane”) (lyrics – Svetlana Surganova, music – Denis Susin)
  7. “Zavtra” (“Tomorrow”) (lyrics – Svetlana Surganova, music – Denis Susin)
  8. “Katapulta” (“Catapult”) (lyrics – Svetlana Surganova, music – Surganova and the Orchestra)
  9. “Flanel’ (“Flannel”) (lyrics – Svetlana Surganova, music – Surganova and the Orchestra)
  10. “Pazly” (“Puzzles”) (lyrics – Svetlana Surganova, music – Denis Susin)


Dear participants of our crowd finding project on Planeta, those who has purchased the lot “Digital Album”, please, check your e-mails! 

You receive the digital copy of the album (wav and MP3) several days before the release as we have promised! Congratulations! 

Thank you for the support!  

It would never have happened without you!

We know that you are the most conscientious Fans in the world, but just in case (suddenly you forget), we remind you: the treasure you’ve got cannot be posted on the net, published in any way, sent to third parties. We are all waiting till October 1st!

If you have checked your e-mail and there is nothing there, check your spam folder. If there is nothing there either, please, write to


In 2021 our band celebrated its coming of age, and a new stage in the life of the band began. For the first time ever we made an experimental launch of a crowdfunding project on and recorded a double album with the money raised.

The first part of the album “Vse budet” (“All Will Be”)  was released in June, the premiere of the second part  “Zavtra” (“Tomorrow”)  is scheduled for the 1st of October. The record turned out to be special: everything, from the general idea to the very last detail, was created and embodied by the band itself. And the fans’ support let the musicians polish every note, as there was no severe pressure of time. 

On the 9th of December in Saint Petersburg we will present our new double album “Vse Budet. Zavtra” (“All Will Be. Tomorrow”). It will be a big solo concert at “Oktyabrskiy” Big Concert Hall. We have been waiting for it together. A concert in a hometown is always important for an artist. It is something special and homely. 

With the powerful chord of this December concert in Saint Petersburg we will finish our tour in support of the new album. We will bring a new program and your favorite songs, and we will also tell the whole story of our big autumn trip across Russia – emotionally, stylishly, from the bottom of our hearts. We look forward to meeting you, friends!

Tickets for the concert at “Oktyabrskiy” Big Concert Hall are already on sale:

online –  Artistika.Show  website and the sites of the  ticket operators

offline – at the city ticket offices.


Today we present the song “Fluger” (“Weathervane”) – the first single from the new album “Zavtra” (“Tomorrow”). Still, the song itself is about “today”, about the modern world, where the genuine is lost behind the artificial and chasing luck is the main goal. 

“Fluger” (“Weathervane”) is a kind of protest, a protest against the external and the unimportant, against other people’s influences and fashion trends. A person, just like a weathervane, follows the changing winds, forgetting that one can choose the own path and can discover the inner core that will replace the axis of the weathervane.

And be assured, this “Fluger” (“Weathervane”) will show you the right direction. Listen to our new song on all music venues!



September the 8th and the 9th , 2021, at “Oktyabrskiy” Big Concert Hall in Saint Petersburg, held were two grandiose concerts devoted to the memorable dates of the city. Svetlana, being a true Petersburger, could not miss them! 

On September the 8th, the Day of Remembrance the Victims of  Leningrad Siege, here was the concert “I am talking to you from Leningrad”. The audience of the concert was the veterans of war and labor and the citizens that survived in the Siege. For them that day Svetlana sang her songs “Leningrad” (to the verses of O. Mandelshtam) and  – for the first time ever –  “Leningradki” (“Women of Leningrad”)  (music by V. Pleshak, lyrics by M. Dakhie).  She was accompanied by Song and Dance Ensemble of the Western Military Region. 

On September the 9th, at the same venue, held was a festive concert dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the return of its original name to the city – Saint Petersburg. At this concert Svetlana also performed several songs dedicated to her hometown: “Sredi Ogney” (“Among the Lights”) (author – Svetlana Surganova), “Gorod Zolotoy” (“Golden City”) (author – Boris Grebenshchikov) and the same “Leningrad”. This time she was accompanied by “Tavricheskiy” International Symphony Orchestra.


Dear friends, our new concert season began! By the very first day of September one can tell that this autumn will be hot!

Just in one day we:

– had two live broadcasts: played a live concert at the studio of  “Avtoradio”,  had a talk with Mikhail Kozyrev and exclusively, in acoustics (!) presented two new (not yet released!) songs on “Dozhd”;

– Three songs of the second, not yet published part of the album were “revealed” at once – “Fluger” (“Weathervane”), “Kurator” (“Curator”) and “Shila Osen” (“The Autumn was Sewing”);

– starred in the very interesting project by Leonid Parfenov. The project begins airing in December, our broadcast is preliminary scheduled for mid-February.

The recordings of these broadcasts will be available soon at our  YouTube-Channel and  VKontakte.

There are many events, performances and meetings in our plans for the near future. Follow our pages on social networks – we will try to keep you informed about events in real time.

And, of course, look forward to the album “Zavtra” (“Tomorrow”), coming soon!