Digital release of “BULAT 95” part I, the tribute devoted to Bulat Okudzhava’s anniversary, took place several days ago.  There are songs by more than 60 veterans and young artists of the Russian rock stage in three parts of the tribute.  “Surganova and the Orchestra” band recorded for this project the song of “Po Smolenskoy Doroge” (“On the Smolensk Road”).

“BULAT 95” is presented by Moroz Records recording company in cooperation with Nashe Radio, VKontakte social network and Bulat Okudzhava State Memorial Museum. The official release will take place in the air of Nashe Radio on May 9th, on the poet’s birthday. Yet we have an opportunity to listen to more than 20 tracks of the collection right now.

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Dear Friends, it was tremendous! It just felt as a real family holiday, and you created it together with us!

Thanks to all who were at Vegas this evening, for your flashlights, singing and dancing, for the sea of flowers and applause!

Thanks for the meeting after the concert, for the happy birthday songs, gifts, Bengal lights and the cake! You are super!

We are not sure, whether our acoustics was “too much”, or “not enough”, but such evenings are worth living for and doing what we do.

The 16th anniversary is only once in life, and we will remember this evening for a long time, and we hope that you also will!

Photo by Marina Vasyusina


The text of the total dictation at Herzen University was read by Svetlana Surganova. After the reading she was attacked by fans and it turned out into a spontaneous signing.

“The Total Dictation” international campaign is finished in Saint Petersburg.  “The Hunter for Souls”, a text by Pavel Basinskiy on the play by Maksim Gorkiy “The Lower Depths”, was written specially for the dictation. More than 14,000 people wrote the dictation at 122 sites in Saint Petersburg. The famous singer Svetlana Surganova  read for the participants at one of the sites – at Herzen University.



Last weekend “Odin Den” (“One Day”)  AdVita Foundation charity festival was held in Saint Petersburg. Svetlana Surganova and Yuriy Shevchuk performed their unique programs at the New Stage of the Alexandrinskiy Theater.

AdVita charity foundation was created back in 2002. It has been helping people suffering from cancer for 17 years. The Alexandrinskiy Theater hosted   “One Day” festival and it raised more than one million rubles. The funds will be used to help the wards of the foundation.


Svetlana Surganova spoke with the audience in Penza abouth the lack of time

Svetlana Surganova, one of the most respected Russian rock singers, performed on the drama theater stage. The country has been admiring her for a quarter of a century, since the time when she sang in “Nochnye Snaipery”. In 2003 Svetlana organized her own band called “Surganova and the Orchestra”.

The band visited Penza within the frames of its big jubilee tour. This time the audience greeted her with deafening applause.

Surganova was singing, playing the violin and also talking to the audience. She said that for some time she could share her opinion and experience, a rather rich one, as  in November she  celebrated her 50. “I suddenly realized that we were constantly provoked to waste our precious time on some strange, unnecessary, low-quality things. I thought that there was no time left to read the classics, listen to the classics, discover some amazing things for ourselves, to visit  parents, at least,” – the singer said.

Many fans say that the main feature of the band is its ability to combine the incompatible. Rock singer  Surganova managed to fit herself into the orchestra and to unite her music and poems by Akhmatova and Brodskiy into the synthesis the admirers of poetry liked. Svetlana underlined that not all the musicians on stage had come along with her. Penza musicians participated  in the concert too and became a part of the orchestra.

Source: PenzaInform.ru

Surganova and the orchestra present: “Mir – labirint” (‘the world is the labyrinth”)

The concert premiere of the song took place last autumn within the frames of the long two- year jubilee tour. At the end of the last year the composition was performed at metropolitan concerts with the accompaniment of a symphonic variety orchestra and this February at the festival of “Chartova Duzhina”. Now we can listen to the studio version.

“The sketch of the melody was born in my rehearsal. The one responsible for the cheerful and bright arrangement is Mikhail Tebenkov, and our traditionally serious content is the result of the influence of Omar Khayyam. The track’s turned out to be dance-philosophical, but after all, to combine the incompatible is our credo!” – Svetlana says.

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It was rock music flavored with an emotions stirring violin, inviting cello and persistent viola. On the first day of spring “Surganova and the Orchestra” band performed in Kursk. The concert was held within the frames of the tour dedicated to their 15th anniversary. Our city always warmly welcomes the rock lady, the former lead singer of “Nochnye Snaipery”. But this time the Kursk musicians accompanied to our favorite songs. 6 students of the Music College named after G. V. Sviridov were on stage with Svetlana Surganova.

Kursk musicians were offered to participate in the rock band performance on the night before the concert. They had only few hours to get ready. But such a musical extreme was something they were quite capable of doing.

Vladislav Ilyukhin, a student of the Kursk Music College named after  G.V. Sviridov: “It’s all thanks to our college, we are well trained here, we have such a subject as Sight – reading, we read  songs and  scores. For us, for me personally, this did not cause any difficulty in my second year. We, the ones with the cellos, call it “potatoes”, but there were also technical places to sit and learn. – What do “potatoes” mean? – Note values. “Potatoes” are half notes and quarter notes, they are easy to play with one bow”.

Svetlana Surganova, the band leader, made a powerful impression on the Kursk musicians. No star disease, only high professionalism – we played in team – and endless positivity.

Yana Kalinina, a student of the Kursk Music College named after  G.V. Sviridov: “She was very friendly, raised our fighting spirit and we did it! We were doing our best. The spectators stood up from their seats and danced, there were various songs, some popular and well-known including”.

Rada Belyaeva, a student of the Kursk Music College named after  G.V. Sviridov:

“Maria, the concertmaster, and Svetlana Surganova herself told us before the performance: “Do not worry, the most important thing is to just enjoy the process”. And indeed, the excitement faded, we really enjoyed the energy of the audience and the music. This was an unforgettable experience, of course”.

The students had heard a little of “Surganova and the Orchestra” before the concert. Now they are eager to go deeper into the band music and not only from the professional point of view. These young musicians are all for any experiments.

Liliya Makarina, a student of the Kursk Music College named after  G.V. Sviridov: “I am keen on everything, I love everything”.

That is how they play with their bows Tchaikovskiy, Surganova, Rihanna and even “Nirvana”. Here is such a good professional desire.

By – Yulia Komkina

Source  — “Seym”



Dear friends, “Surganova and the Orchestra” band changes the date and place of the April Moscow concert!

The concert planned for April 13 at “1930 Moscow” club will now take place on April 19 at Vegas City Hall! The new venue of “1930” still needs some time to get ready and open its doors for you!

Available are tickets not only to the dance floor, but also tickets to the seats!


All purchased tickets are valid. If instead of an already purchased ticket to the dance floor you wish to purchase a ticket for a seat, please contact the place of purchase.

We kindly ask you also to contact the place of purchase for the tickets return if you cannot attend a concert at the new venue for any reason.

We apologize for the inconvenience!


“Surganova and the Orchestra” band gave its jubilee concert on the first day of March. Svetlana and the musicians are used to come to our city in the beginning of spring, this time they brought us a special jubilee show. In 2018 Svetlana celebrated her 50, “Nochnye Snaipery”, the band she started with, was 25 and “Surganova and the Orchestra” – 15.

That was the reason for armfuls of flowers and presents from the fans. There was even a whole basket of gingerbreads. The band performance with Kursk musicians was the highlight of the show – students of the Kursk Music College named after Georgiy Sviridov were with the band on stage

– Finally we are justifying our name and performing with a real orchestra. – Surganova commented.

People are looking forward to the band concert as if it were one’s personal celebration. Svetlana Surganova is a bright rock vocalist, her creative works promote love to life. Surganova is one of the foremost figures of Russian rock, she gives a lot of concerts, takes part in different performances and music show.

Her team is not just the music band. These are tens of thousands of outstanding, versatile people who are actively involved in the life of the team. Famous flash mobs, feedbacks, sharp discussions in social networks and the chance for any person to speak out are the calling cards of the band. Fans love Surganova for her sincerity and the ability to combine the incompatible.

Young connoisseurs of high-quality live music and sophisticated music lovers – the band is admired by all of them. “Surganova and the Orchestra” was awarded several “Golden disks”, nominated as the band leading in number of concerts in the country, and the band on top of the charts of NASHE Radio.

By the way, the large-scale tour devoted to the 15th anniversary of the band includes almost 100 cities of Russia, Europe and the USA.

On the eve of her concert in Kursk, on February 16 Svetlana Surganova received a prestigious award – she was awarded as the Soloist of the Year at the XII rock-music ceremony of “Chartova Duzhina”. In her nomination Surganova left behind Zemfira, Diana Arbenina, Dilyara Vagapova and Lusinae Gevorkyan.

Probably, this all is about the energy Surganova is revealing on stage: powerful, poetic and very musical. She gladly shares her soul with everyone who comes to her performances.

By the way, the spectators traditionally received small gifts from the organizers of the show. This time it was the anniversary chocolates and flags.

Source — Komsomolskaya pravda in Kursk

By — Svetlana Volkova