We were working, but it felt like a vacation cruise!  

We did a mini-tour of nine hot concerts – from Volgograd to Sochi, from Rostov to Belgorod. We enjoyed summer and the sea – even bathed! But the main were the long-awaited meetings and your smiles. We are full of energy!

Thanks to everybody, who chose to spend hot summer evenings with us in the auditoriums! To everyone who waited for the rescheduled concerts, who kept the tickets, who applauded, who sang along to the new and beloved songs, who gave flowers – we notice everything and keep it in our hearts forever!

We look forward to hearing about your experiences!


Svetlana Surganova  presented on the web her new single, which surprised many of her fans. The song “Babylon” is quite unusual for the melodic, intimate works of Svetlana Surganova, it is presented as being acutely social. “ZD”  measures depth of the relevance. 

The cold, dry, electric wall of sound immerses the listener into the twenty-four-hour car fever of megalopolises, filled with rush and urgency. Svetlana sings about the ever-increasing speed of life. “There’s somewhere to run to again, and we’d just like to breathe <…>. We’d just like to have a stop along the way. As if  we desperately need to get somewhere” The topic is not a new one, but every year life gets faster and more robotic due to developments  in technology. Many listeners consider the song about speed a philosophical one.

“I rarely write on pressing, social topics. This song is an exception. It’s a reflection of my thoughts about what’s going on in the world right now,”-  Svetlana Surganova says of her new “high-speed” song about Babylon dying.

As a matter of fact, back in the 80-s Valeriy Leontyev in his immortal hit “Zeleniy Svet” (“Green Light”) reflected  on the love for life and need to stop in a “flickering of days, speeds and lights” singing about the green traffic light, which shines when everyone is running, running, running. One may also remember “Mashina Vremeni” with “Povorot” (“A Turn”) and Boris Grebenshchikov with “Poezd v Ogne” (“Train on Fire”). In general, the theme of mankind’s supersonic flight through time and space is periodically raised in both pop and rock culture, which, however, have finally merged into one solid stream and are almost indistinguishable in sound.

The singer speaks in “I write” style, but the voluminous and slightly confusing lyrics are not Svetlana’s own – they were created by the poetess Aglaya Solovyova and the musical idea was given by Denis Sunin, a musician of “Surganova and the Orchestra”; the sound-producer was Andrey Kharchenko.

Perhaps what makes Surganova’s song “acutely social”  is the generalization that the poet Solovyova makes of the dying Babylon: “Big dreams roam in our small rooms./ In our dreams the forgotten faces of children come alive…/ Our children’s faces stare into us from a great height./ They look and see  strangers <…>. I want Babylon to come alive and live happily ever after”.

Such generalization makes her sound like Viktor Tsoi, who was expressing the state of the masses: “We wanted to drink— there was no water. We wanted light— there were no stars… A silent cry in our eyes: “Onwards!” A silent cry in our eyes: “Stop!”… 

Nowadays, when the crowd has become diverse and selective in its tastes, averaging the sentiments of the masses sounds a bit far-fetched. However, hints at the death of Babylon, which the same BG not so long ago sent “out”, can be perceived as neat hints at the not entirely peaceful actualities of today’s reality. Compared to other musicians who have spoken openly on this subject, however, such a reading of the song’s meaning may look like mere idle speculation. Art, however, often leaves room for a great deal of latitude. Intricacy is one of its favourite tools.

Alla Zhidkova  “Moskovskiy Komsomolets” newspaper


Tomorrow “Surganova and the Orchestra” will perform at an open-air in Karelia! For the first time ever the album “Vse Budet. Zavtra” (“All Will Be. Tomorrow”) will be accompanied by strings! Our favorite quartet “Aristocrat” from Moscow will join us! 

Watch the broadcast our VKontakte group  and  our YouTube channel 

Start June the 11th  at 9 pm!


Our single “Babylon” is premiering this Friday!

You may have heard it at our concerts (if so, do you like it?), and now it’s out on all platforms!

“It’s rarely that I write on the acute and topical social issues. This song is an exception. It is a reflection of my thoughts about what is going on in the world right now.”– says Svetlana Surganova.

The authors of the song, as always, belong to our inner circle. The author of the music idea is Denis Susin, a musician of “Surganova and the Orchestra”. The lyrics were written by poetess Aglaya Solovyova (by the way, she performed several parts of dancing at our concerts). The sound producer is our close  friend Andrey Kharchenko.

We’re looking forward to it, aren’t you?


Yesterday, May the 30th, Sveta and Valeriy performed for the mentees of “Shag Navstrechu” Charitable Fund – young patients and their parents at the Children’s Ward of the Children’s Cancer Centre “Pesochnoye”.

We thank “Ozornye Belki” Amusement Park for their help in organizing the concert!


You must have heard (don’t upset us if you haven’t) that Svetlana Surganova has got an Art Space called “PushkinRyadom”.

For those who knew but forgot, and for those who didn’t, we invite you to join the account of our wonderful PushkinRyadom

What is “PushkinRyadom”? It’s a creative place that hosts lectures, movie nights, meetings and interviews with famous people, and concerts. It is also home to “Surganova and the Orchestra” shop, a library and a recording studio.

By subscribing to the account, you’ll find out that this week  “PushkinRyadom” hosts a — meeting with Evgeniy Vodolazkin , an author of the famous “Lavr”, and on June the 6th on Pushkin’s Birthday, there takes place the premiere of a play by Margarita Bychkova  “Fantasies on Pushkin’s “Captain’s Daughter” .

Everyone who will be in Saint Petersburg is welcome to visit us! And those who live in other cities, we look forward to seeing you online!

You are welcome! 


Dear friends, this weekend we will repeat both broadcasts from the last tour!

Broadcasts of Chelyabinsk and Tyumen concerts are available from Friday evening till Sunday at 23:59, Moscow time. Previously purchased tickets will still be valid.

Meet us on  “Broadcast”  section of our web-site!


We will continue out tour “Vse Budet. Zavtra” (“All Will Be. Tomorrow”) next week!

We are finally coming to you, our dear listeners, coming to the cities where our concerts have been rescheduled:

  April 14 in Vologda;

  April 15 in Kostroma;

  April 16 in Ivanovo;

  18 April in Yaroslavl.

  All previously purchased tickets are valid.

For the most up-to-date information please see “Afisha” section of our web-site. 

See you soon!


Today Svetlana is a head of jury at the selective contest  of the children’s festival of author’s music and poetry “U235. New songs”. This time it takes place in the closed city of Novouralsk near Ekaterinburg.

Valeriy Tkhai is acting as a jury member, the role is new and customary at the same time.  18 children – artists, authors of texts and music will perform at the contest, Sveta and Valeriy will choose only two winners. It’s a very difficult choice, emotionally and professionally.

After the contest, our judges will unite to perform a short acoustic concert for the  contestants and the guests.

  We thank ROSATOM State Corporation for the opportunities it gives to creative children and teenagers from semi-closed and closed cities and are happy to be part of this mission!