Dear friends, our Southern Russia Tour has been moved forward a few months to June 2022. 

We hope to see you all:

 June 13, Volgograd.

 June 14, Stavropol.

 June 15, Novorossiysk

 June 17, Krasnodar

June 18, Sochi

 June 19, Rostov-on-Don

June 21, Voronezh

June 22, Bryansk

June 23, Belgorod

Yet, we will be able to come to the cities of Moscow region only in autumn as the venues are fully booked for the earlier dates.  Looking forward to meet you: 

 October 28,  in Podolsk

 October 29, in Kolomna

October 30, in Domodedovo

 November 01, in Obninsk

 November 02, in Stupino


Dear audience! Due to health condition of the artist our concerts in Moscow region dated March 4-9 are postponed till the end of September.

Exact dates will be announced soon. Please note that there is no need to return tickets, all purchased tickets will be valid.

We are very, very sorry too!

Anticipating questions: Svetlana is recovering well, but it is too early for the concerts. She is still under the recommended medical supervision.  

We hug you all and hope you are all well.


Hello friends!  Let’s say goodbye to winter and start the new week with a small digest.

Svetlana is recovering well. After all, rest is an effective remedy. Sveta is in the hands of the best doctors, and your participation is very important for her recovery. Thank you for all your tips  and wishes, for your immense warmth!

We succeeded to solve the issue with the concerts in Volga region. We will come to you in early  summer: Nizhniy Novgorod (June, 1), Kazan (June, 2), Samara (June, 4), Saratov (June, 5), Orenburg (June, 7). Tickets are valid. Thank you for your anticipation and words of support!

We remind you of some actions in our support on the venues:
· at “Chartova Duzhina”  — song “Fluger” (“Weathervane”)
· at “Nastoyaschiy Khit-Parad “KP”  — the same “Fluger” (“Weathervane”).

Staying in touch! Take care and remember: against all odds, life goes on!


Dear friends, unfortunately, for reasons of health of the artist we have to postpone the February 21-27 concerts in Nizhniy Novgorod, Kazan, Samara, Saratov and Orenburg. We are planning to play them in the first half of June 2022.

Thank you for your support, flowers, and sincere wish to help and support! Svetlana is much better, no worries!

We look forward to seeing you all again.


Long-awaited!  NMDNI-1927 was released on Leonid Parfyonov’s YouTube channel, where we were invited as a musical guest.

Enjoy our performance of “Chubchik”, a folk hit with more than a century of history, first released on record in 1927. Our version is rock’n’roll with a nerve of its own. Nice listening! 

By the way, you could learn more about the history of the song from the NMDNI. 1927 was a very interesting year


Svetlana Surganova talks about her new album and how to be friends with men

Next week “Surganova and the Orchestra”, a popular band from Saint Petersburg, starts touring with the new double album “Vse Budet. Zavtra” (“All Will Be. Tomorrow.”).  The album is rather unusual: the first disc contains ballads, lyrics, optimistic songs with pop melodies, the second – more rocking, psychedelic, with reflections and attempts to overcome anxiety… Let everyone decide what is more important and useful in the current pandemic… Therefore, almost all tickets are sold out and Svetlana was asked to perform on “TikTok”. She did not refuse, but, as always, did what she wanted: she read poetry, sang acoustics and shared ideas she cared about with the audience. In February she got a TickTock account – there she reads Akhmatova, Tsvetaeva, Mandelstam …

On the eve of the Russian tour – 2022, the singer, violinist and guitarist told “Rossiyskaya Gazeta” columnist about the premiere, the new video “Volchitsa” (“She-Wolf”) and why “Surganova and the Orchestra” is considered to be the most stable and friendly band on the Russian stage.

The video “Volchitsa” (“She –Wolf”) was shot by Anastasia Lavrova. She writes magical poetry, but had never been a music video maker. Did you take the risk, or did you guess that the best video for a metaphorical song would be shot by the poetess, and not by some special effects master?

Svetlana Surganova: When I first met Anastasia, from her poems and her ability to express her thoughts I saw that she was a very creative person. That’s why I offered her to visualize our songs and to choose the ones she liked best. After all, it is always important that the director also has an interest and desire to create. At first Anastasia chose “Liven Osenniy” (“Autumn Rain”)  and “Akvarel” (“Aquarelle”). And there were no questions: those songs resonated with me too. But then she offered “Volchitsa” (“She-Wolf”) and I objected: I thought this song was the least interesting in the album. Though its lyrics were not bad…  But Lavrova managed to convince me. She said that the idea to make a video for this song came to her in a dream. That was impressing: it turned out that she was working on my task even in her dreams…

It is said that every person resembles an animal. If you can figure out which one it is, then actions and thoughts become more understandable and predictable. Does the song “Volchitsa” (“She-Wolf”) mean that you think so too? 

Svetlana Surganova: No, I rather see people as birds – someone is  a tit, someone a sparrow, someone a kite. What kind of bird am I?! I won’t tell you.

Why is your new album “Vse Budet. Zavtra” (“All Will Be. Tomorrow”) so unusual, sometimes it seems that two discs are created by completely different bands?

Svetlana Surganova: That’s because the songs are different. Some have a sense of time, others have a sense of me in that time and of what scares me there. Yes, yes, that’s right! I’ve analyzed many of the songs and realized that they are often visionary. As for the lyrics that appeared to the guys’ music (the music was mostly created by our male team and I directed and sorted their ideas, just a bit), it scares me a little. After all, what I sing often comes true. But right now I’m in the position of an observer. Our album consists of two parts, released a few months apart, and now I’m just observing while the album lives its own life. It’s an interesting spiritual and intellectual work. And there are still a lot of songs left – enough for another double album. But there is a tour coming first.

Your band is one of the most stable in our rock music – is it because there is something that unites you, or has an ideal proportion of creative coexistence been found: one woman and all the other men, they inevitably become gentlemen?

Svetlana Surganova: We have a very informal, warm relationship in the band and it has developed over the years. If, God forbid, some unpleasant situation arises, we help each other in all possible ways. And if one just needs to talk or a piece of advice, the guys come to me, and I talk to them… Of course, we have our moments, the guys like to tease each other sometimes, even crossing boundaries. But I try with all the patience to teach them how to coexist. It’s not that we have special meetings – we spend a lot of time together on tours and when we’re recording albums. To my mind, my main contribution was that I taught the guys to listen and hear each other, especially during rehearsals and when creating arrangements. About ten years ago an idea could have been killed at the first beats of music, it almost came down to hand-to-hand combat. But I would say: “Guys, have patience, let’s listen to every idea, let’s try to play it, work it out, and only then cross it out if we realize that it doesn’t work for some reason”. Now I can say: I think I’ve succeeded. Now we listen and hear each other. 

By Alexander Alekseev 

Rossiyskaya Gazeta – Federal # 30(8678)


NASHE RADIO collected Svetlana’s quotes of different years in one post – about creation, principles and simple human life. 

It’s turned out quite life-affirming!


The habit of asking oneself. Maybe it’s good for someone, but not for me. I just do.  I just go. I have my way, and I feel it.


I write my songs anywhere as long as nobody is around. There’s a great remark attributed to Greta Garbo: “I want to be alone, but don’t leave me alone”. That’s exactly about me. 


Everything in life is cyclical. At the moment of decline never  get the feeling that it’s over, that this is the end. It is very important. I call it an exhale. Exhale so that you could inhale again. 


To my mind, the rhythm was primal, and only then in the beginning was the word. Perhaps, I am a primitive person. Music originated from the drums of some kind, from the calls of primitive people, who summoned  to a bonfire and shared news.


Time and experience are the most valuable things  we have. Free time is the most valuable, because we are terribly short of it. 


The only people who keep me afloat are those who have managed to convince me that my work is of interest to someone.


I believe that we must forgive always and never carry grudges. Gradually it becomes possible. 


Our most valuable treasure is our individuality. The maximum you can acquire in the lifetime is yourself. The best version of yourself.


Treat a book that needs to be read, but doesn’t touch as a place where a treasure is hidden. You just have to make efforts to find it.


My words can be argued with and easily blown to dust. I’m not even going to fight back, I will simply step aside and stick to my opinion.


Go deep into yourself. The deeper you dive, the harder it will be for others to reach you.


The world is not divided into the dead and the living, not into men and women, not into old people and children, not into humanitarians and technicians, not into brunettes and blondes. There is only the one you love and the one who loves you…



Hello everybody! The most interesting updates are here! 

This week we are coming to see you, our dear listeners. We know how much have you been waiting for us, so we are thrice as happy that the concerts will take place! The current schedule for February is pinned. Previously purchased tickets are valid, details are  HERE .

Last week the number of Sveta’s TikTok subscribers reached 10,000! Thank you for your views, comments and support on social media. Discover the world of poetry HERE 

 Thanks to you votes we are leading for “The Soloist of the Year” and “The Video of the Year” in “Chartova Duzhina 2022”!  Hope we’ll hold the ground and win! Vote  HERE 

Last week “Fluger” (“Weathervane”) occupied the 3d line of “Chartova Duzhina”. Let’s choose further direction! Decide HERE 

Let there be rock ‘n’ roll!

Our concert results!

We’ve already set up the concerts schedule for the coming year and we are happy that you share our joy and expectations of the upcoming performances. Meanwhile, let’s sum up the concert year of 2021.  As for us, it became the sign of our unity and, despite everything, it was a happy year!

In the past year, you, our friends, gave us a lot of support. Thank you very much! Together we never stopped to believe that our meetings would take place, sometimes with excitement, sometimes, to be honest, with other emotions. And our faith helped,   even when there were some adjustments due to the circumstances. And it is helping! Thank you for it!

Our concerts of 2021 were made by a huge team:  Artistika and Melnitsa concert agencies, sound and lighting pros ZavodShow, concert venues and their staff — all those caring people who chose creating musical holidays for others as their life’s work. Thank you all! It is safe, easy and pleasant to work with you. And this is a great reason to rejoice!

Our special thanks to the Agency of Great Opportunities.  Soon is the first year of our cooperation, and we consider our relationship as a good example both in a professional and in a human way.

Big hug!  Thank you for the bright, driving concerts in 2021 – such, for example, was the show at Crocus. Keep flying!

Svetlana surganova performed a song from “Smeshariki”

The song “Nitochka” (“A Little Thread”) performed by Svetlana was included into the album “SmeshKaverFest”


In December, to the joy of the fans,  the creators of “Smeshariki” animated series released three parts of the unique album “SmeshKaverFest” with long-loved compositions performed by Svetlana Surganova, “Mumiy Troll”, “Neschastniy Sluchai”, “Nogu Svelo!”, “Kirpichi” , the permanent composers of “Smeshariki” project – Marina Landa and Sergey Vasilyev and other musicians.

The album blurs the age and genre boundaries, giving a new sounding to the compositions that have become hits. It includes 24 tracks in a variety of musical styles and genres. Smeshariki personally present all the artists before each song, which creates the atmosphere of the festival and charges the audience with a special mood.

“From the first day of the series and release of the song “Ot Vinta!” (“Off We Go!)” we perceived “Smeshariki” as a rock project. Driving, bold and very sincere! And now, after 18 years, our dream came true, and it was picked up by the rock stars. They not only picked it up, but also made their own covers – talented and sometimes absolutely unexpected. For us, the authors, this was a real gift. The album turned out to be a real rock festival. Listen and enjoy!”  – commented Marina Landa and Sergey Vasilyev, composers, authors of music and songs for the animated series and full-length “Smeshariki” projects.

Listen to the album on all digital platforms.