The Concert at “16 tons” club is cancelled

Dear Friends! We are sorry to inform you about cancellation of two nearest concerts – at “16 TONS” Club on May 24 and at the “Otkroi Okna” (“Open the Windows”) festival on May 25.

We have to cancel the concert due to the state of Svetlana’s voice. Svetlana slightly overstrained her voice at the performance in Zaryadye Park on May 9, that concert was of great significance to her. Then she caught a heavy cold that led to loss of voice. Up to now Svetlana has almost recovered, but, unfortunately, the time has not been enough for her voice.

We are being intensively treated, today we’ve got the consultation of Ekaterina Osipenko, perhaps, the best phoniatrist of the country, the President of the Phoniatrics Association of Russia. The doctor’s verdict is as follows: if you give the nearest concerts you might cause irreparable damage to your voice apparatus.

The concert at “16 TONS” will take place on September 8! Tickets will be valid! We will be very grateful if you don’t return them and keep until September 8.

As a pleasant bonus, on May 24, at “16 TONS”  MONONLIZA band  will perform for you absolutely free (without any payment). They are our friends who agreed to help us out and come for our sake from Saint Petersburg! You are welcome! 

MONOLIZA band will also perform in our time (18:20) at the “Otkroi Okna” (“Open the Windows”) festival.

We bitterly regret and apologize to all our audience. We hope for your understanding, and we also hope that we will be able to give concerts in Belarus and the Baltic States, there is still time before them.


Holders of tickets for “Surganova and the Orchestra” concert on May 24 as well as the tickets for the canceled concert of MONOLIZA band at “Mumiy Troll” Bar  have free entrance to “16 TONS” club this Friday. All others should buy a new ticket for 500 rubles!

Our Spectator is kind, generous and demanding

The Russian rock stage is wonderful in its diversity. The Names that have lasted since the nineties and, it is even more important, have become increasingly popular over the years, have got every right to the legendary status in the twenty-first century.

Svetlana Surganova and “The Orchestra” will perform in Tallinn on June 8. An amazing, delicate woman leads a team of equally enthusiastic musicians and is ready to share with us some thoughts about creativity in the run up to concerts in Tallinn.

In 1993-2002 she was a soloist and violinist of “Nochnye Snaipery” band. Now she is a leader of “Surganova and the Orchestra” band.



Very soon “Surganova and the Orchestra” band is  going on a tour across the cities of the Far East!

On June 10 — Khabarovsk,  City Palace of Culture  Tickets online

On June 11 — Komsomolsk-on-Amur, Aviastroiteley Palace of Culture  Tickets online

On June 13 — Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, City Hall. Tickets online

On June 14 — Vladivostok, Fesko Hall. Tickets online

On June 29 — Magadan, the City Day. Free admission


“Pryamaya rech” (“Direct Speech”) journal: “Be the best version of yourself!”

In the Jubilee year, the founder and leader of “Surganova and the Orchestra” band has no time for her own birthday.

In 2003 she created and took on stage an orchestra, and the 15 years of new sound have pushed her years with “Nochnye Snaipery” into the background. Now she is “Aprelskaya” (“An April Song”) for some people, “Suzanna” or “Murakami” for others, and even a great “Fury” for somebody. It is an exceptional case, when  as a result of subtraction the sum is obtained. Behind the stage of Moscow Jubilee concert “Pryamaya Rech” (“Direct Speech”) journal  tried to calculate the square root of two, when one is born – never less in integrity and substance.


TASS: “Dedication to Okudzhava”

Svetlana Surganova took part in the project by TASS “Dedication to Okudzhava”.

A collection of video greetings to the date of the poet’s birthday was  made by people  who were inspired  and are inspired by his art.

Svetlana Surganova and Valery Tkhai performed  the song “Po Smolenskoy Doroge” (“On the Smolensk Road”) by Okudzhava  at the TASS studio.


Digital release of “BULAT 95” part I, the tribute devoted to Bulat Okudzhava’s anniversary, took place several days ago.  There are songs by more than 60 veterans and young artists of the Russian rock stage in three parts of the tribute.  “Surganova and the Orchestra” band recorded for this project the song of “Po Smolenskoy Doroge” (“On the Smolensk Road”).

“BULAT 95” is presented by Moroz Records recording company in cooperation with Nashe Radio, VKontakte social network and Bulat Okudzhava State Memorial Museum. The official release will take place in the air of Nashe Radio on May 9th, on the poet’s birthday. Yet we have an opportunity to listen to more than 20 tracks of the collection right now.

Listen  in ВКонтакте

Listen in Яндекс.Музыке

Listen in iTunes





Dear Friends, it was tremendous! It just felt as a real family holiday, and you created it together with us!

Thanks to all who were at Vegas this evening, for your flashlights, singing and dancing, for the sea of flowers and applause!

Thanks for the meeting after the concert, for the happy birthday songs, gifts, Bengal lights and the cake! You are super!

We are not sure, whether our acoustics was “too much”, or “not enough”, but such evenings are worth living for and doing what we do.

The 16th anniversary is only once in life, and we will remember this evening for a long time, and we hope that you also will!

Photo by Marina Vasyusina


The text of the total dictation at Herzen University was read by Svetlana Surganova. After the reading she was attacked by fans and it turned out into a spontaneous signing.

“The Total Dictation” international campaign is finished in Saint Petersburg.  “The Hunter for Souls”, a text by Pavel Basinskiy on the play by Maksim Gorkiy “The Lower Depths”, was written specially for the dictation. More than 14,000 people wrote the dictation at 122 sites in Saint Petersburg. The famous singer Svetlana Surganova  read for the participants at one of the sites – at Herzen University.



Last weekend “Odin Den” (“One Day”)  AdVita Foundation charity festival was held in Saint Petersburg. Svetlana Surganova and Yuriy Shevchuk performed their unique programs at the New Stage of the Alexandrinskiy Theater.

AdVita charity foundation was created back in 2002. It has been helping people suffering from cancer for 17 years. The Alexandrinskiy Theater hosted   “One Day” festival and it raised more than one million rubles. The funds will be used to help the wards of the foundation.