The inner fortitude is the greatest power.

Generosity and wisdom are stronger and more important than pumped up biceps.

Our dears! We love you and always know that your reliable shoulders and gentle hearts are with us ♥.


You might have thought we were joking, but we weren’t: we collected your questions to Svetlana tagged  #ГеройДня_СиО  in our Telegram-chat.

In the first blitz interviews:

– what does Svetlana Surganova carry with her in 3 copies at all times? 

– who does she imagines standing behind the lens of the camera?  

– what does it mean for Svetlana to “know what  the stuffing is” (spoiler: it’s not about the pies)

– what was the role of “Groundhog”  in her life?  

– and details about Svetlana’s new honeymoon – firsthand!  

Watch and share your impressions in the comments or in the chat @pushkinryadom


In a couple of weeks the calendar spring starts, but the real spring starts exactly on the 8th of March, because on that very day, a unique concert of Svetlana Surganova and Valeriy Tkhai will take place in acoustic on the stage of  PushkinRyadom!   

Two people, two guitars, two Universes – very –very rare-rare songs will be performed at PushkinRyadom on this festive day.   That’s because we remember that there were 75 unfulfilled requests from the New Year’s Eve home concert! And it means that it’s again up to the Hand of Fate in your person to determine the program of the evening by pulling the sheets with requests out of our hat!

Vesnaaaaaaaa! Spring is coming! Spring is coming!

 Buy a ticket to spring 

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Just imagine, summer is coming! 

But spring will come first! (There was just a moment of iron logic, thanks for your attention)

Izhevsk, Syktyvkar, Kirov, Krasnodar, Rostov-on-Don, Volgograd, Sochi and Yekaterinburg, we’re coming to visit you in spring and early summer!

March 22 – Izhevsk, “Metallurg” Palace of Culture

March 23 – Syktyvkar, Opera and Ballet Theatre 



March 24 – Kirov, Philharmonic

March 27 – Krasnodar, “Zheleznodorozhnikov” Palace of Culture

March 28 – Rostov on Don, “Rostselmash” Palace of Culture

March 29 – Volgograd, Central Concert Hall

March 31 – Sochi, “Treugolnik” Rock-bar

June 10 – Ekaterinburg. “Kardiogramma” two-days music festival 



November 18 – Moscow, Jubilee Concert 

Photos by Ekaterina Malova 


From today, Svetlana Surganova reads by heart the novel “Eugene Onegin” by Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin!


     Heedless of the proud world’s enjoyment,
     I prize the attention of my friends,
     and only wish that my employment
     could have been turned to worthier ends —
     worthier of you in the perfection
     your soul displays, in holy dreams,
     in simple but sublime reflection,
     in limpid verse that lives and gleams.
     But, as it is, this pied collection
     begs your indulgence — it’s been spun
     from threads both sad and humoristic,
     themes popular or idealistic,
     products of carefree hours, of fun,
     of sleeplessness, faint inspirations,
     of powers unripe, or on the wane,
     of reason’s icy intimations,
     and records of a heart in pain.

Are you with us? 


Oh, are you all right?  Or still under impression of the last weekend’s Valeriy Tkhai’s music festival?  

We still seem to have half a dozen guitars playing in our heads!

What we were doing (in short):

– ripping guitar strings and souls 

– enjoyed performances of the poets

– recited odes to the birthday boy

–  admired the yellow socks 

–  called up Monsieur the compere 

–  did head bang 

– …tried to recall the lyrics of “Autumn Highway” …

–  watched Valera swap the guitar for the piano, the piano for the synth and the synth for the drums

– counted how many of the birthday boy’s guests could fit into the operator’s room at PushkinRyadom 

Thanks to those who were with us online, and even more to those who supported us non-stop at  the Art Space!   Of course, a lot of thanks to each of our guests: your performances were like candles on a birthday cake – bright, cheerful and hot!   

Share your thoughts on the most remarkable performances on our social networks!

Visit our GALLERY  to enjoy the best photo-moments of the birthday festival!

Photos by Ekaterina Malova


Svetlana Surganova on the National News Service praised “Avatar”  and told about a  cultural attraction point of Saint Petersburg. 

  1. Concerts: from Margulis to anime 

National News Service together with the ticket operator Kassir.ru presents an overview of the most interesting cultural events of the coming weekend.

Today, Svetlana Surganova, the leader of the band “Surganova and the Orchestra”, acted as a cultural guide for NSN.


The concert weekend in the capital  starts  with Evgeniy Margulis’s Friday night performance (February 3d, “16 Tons”  Club), then on Saturday fans will enjoy “Operation Plasticine” (February 4th , “VK Stadium”) and “Gorod 312” (February 4th , Urban), and there is a concert of Linda on Sunday (February 5th , Magnus Locus).

“Chizh & Co” give concerts this weekend in Ufa (February 4th ) and Chelyabinsk (February 5th ), while “Kalinov Most”  will be a special guest in  the Bashkir capital, and on February 8th  Ufa’s audience will welcome “Moral Codex”.

Two more interesting events will take place over the coming weekend. They link the worlds of music and anime. Soundtracks from Hayao Miyazaki’s iconic films and popular anime will be performed by Simple Music Ensemble in Rostov-on-Don, while an organ version of music from the Miyazaki’s universe will be presented in in Moscow (Saints Peter and Paul Cathedral).


As for Svetlana Surganova, she drew our attention to the pianist Varvara Myagkova. 

The leader of “Surganova and the Orchestra” commented: “I was at a concert of a great pianist of our time, it’s one of my favourite pianists nowadays, Varvara Myagkova.  I enjoyed her art, her concert.” 


  1. Theatre: Snow Show, The Teacher and Bezrukov’s Yesesnin 

According to Kassir.ru, among the most popular theatrical productions of the weekend were the premiere of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” at the “Gogol’s Theatre”, which replaced the “Gogol Centre”, directed by its Artistic Director Anton Yakovlev, and “A Decayed Family” directed by Sergey Zhenovach at the Theatre Arts Studio.

In Ekaterinburg, tickets were being bought up for “The Hooligan. Confession”, starring Sergey Bezrukov as Sergey Yesenin. In Kaliningrad it was “A Family Riot” starring Tatiana Vasilyeva, and in Saint Petersburg was the ballet “Giselle” at the Mariinskiy Theatre.

Svetlana Surganova confessed to NSN that she missed the Mariinskiy Theatre and spoke about her joint stage experience with Veniamin Smekhov: 

“I haven’t been for a long time in the theatre, and I miss it. My last visit was to the new stage of the Mariinskiy Theatre, there were concerts with Gergiev, mainly musical ones… Veniamin Smekhov, I had the chance to be acting with him in a performance entitled  “A Funny Name – Pushkin”,  that was a really unforgettable experience. He is a terrific actor, and also he is a great Teacher,  with a capital “T”. He assists and guides you so gently  – every word he says and every piece of advice is worth its weight in gold. I am grateful for this experience.”

She added that she admired the art of Vyacheslav Polunin, Alice Freindlikh and Oleg Basilashvili, also recommending  Oleg Almazov.

“Every  time in all the 28 or 30 years of the existence of “Snow Show”, the imperishable performance by Vyacheslav Polunin, I feel this atmosphere – everyone who comes plunges into a completely inimitable world, it’s not just  the world of childhood – Vyacheslav Polunin manages to broadcast incredibly deep, philosophical things in very simple and clear  language for children, he uses stunning metaphors. That’s probably why this performance, this show has such a long life. There is a wonderful actor from Saint Petersburg, Oleg Almazov, who has a mono-performance based on the poems of Joseph Brodskiy, a very interesting interpretation, I recommend you watch it. And whatever Alisa Brunovna (Freindlikh – comment by NSN) and Oleg Basilashvili are doing on stage, of course, you should see it, use every opportunity”, – Surganova advised.


  1. Point of Attraction “PushkinRyadom” 

The leader of the band “Surganova and the Orchestra” also told NSN about her cultural project “PushkinRyadom”. The project became a real point of attraction for people of art in Saint Petersburg.

“All my attention, strength, energy of the last 2.5 years has gone into creating “PushkinRyadom” Art Space, a cultural point of attraction made in Saint Petersburg. As for me, the whole city is concentrated in “PushkinRyadom”.  I wanted to create a multifunctional space where everything was possible, including  a recording studio, live concerts, the possibility of giving performances, a format for interviews, poetry evenings, film screenings, exhibitions, lectures, live streaming and online broadcasts. This is our place, which we made ourselves, this is our art space on the Griboyedov Canal not far from the Pushkin House, where we host amazing  guests and speakers” – Svetlana Yakovlevna commented.

She says the art space has a diverse audience, ranging from poets to intellectuals. 

“If you want to find like-minded people, I strongly recommend joining “PushkinRyadom” Club. You will find everything there: poetic, intellectual, any kind of cultural affinity, because this space brings together all people who are not indifferent, who think deeply, who are interested, who are self-developing, who are keen on contemporary art or  art of the past, and not only on poetry, theatre and cinema, the palette is very wide. We hold club meetings of the residents of  “PushkinRyadom” Club, join in – you won’t regret it,” – Surganova emphasized.

However, she noted that she was thinking of branch offices in other cities, but “for now this unique point is in Saint Petersburg”.


  1. Cinema: Ideas of “Avatar” and men of “Quartet” 

The premiere of another hilarious story about the adventures of the members of “Quartet I” is the top hit of the new cinema weekend, which starts in Russia today. Garik Kharlamov and Dmitriy Nagiev are also starring along the familiar actors in the film “What Men Talk About. Simple pleasures” 

The first Russian-Lebanese film “Anger”, about the fate of a girl who runs away from her family, will also be released this week.

Besides, the Russians will watch a re-release of the German film “Sky over Berlin”, about angels Damiel and Cassiel , that once was at the Cannes Cinema Festival and its director Wim Wenders   won the Best Director prize.

And Svetlana Surganova told NSN that she really liked the new “Avatar”, which, in her opinion, is particularly relevant today.

“I managed to watch the new Avatar, on a smartphone so far. Of course, I dream of watching it on the big screen, with professional sound, because both the first and the second “Avatars”, the thoughts and ideas that the author conveys, they are incredibly relevant and important now in the global human sense. Humanity needs to reconsider many notions, things and finally learn to live in peace, harmony and cooperation, without infringing upon each other or other civilizations. I enjoyed the film immensely”, – Surganova confessed.

Among her favorite Hollywood actors she named Anthony Hopkins and Meryl Streep and recommended the Russian series with Kirill Kyaro.

“My favorite actors are Meryl Streep and Anthony Hopkins, one of my recent films with whom”’Father” is about an elderly man who goes through a split worlds, past and present, it’s interesting. I also liked the TV show  “Passengers”, where a taxi driver takes  people at a borderline. Kirill Kyaro is starring there – a charismatic, cool, handsome actor, I like him very much. I watched a TV show about bots and “Passengers” where he plays a taxi driver. By the way, Veniamin Smekhov starred in one of the episodes there”, – concluded the interviewee to NSN.


“The NSN Cultural Guide” also airs on four radio stations at once: “NasheRadio”, ROCK FM, Radio JAZZ and “Radio Rodnykh  Dorog”.


2023 is a jubilee year for the band “Surganova and the Orchestra”: the first concert in Saint Petersburg took place on April 26, 2003 at the Concert Hall near Finlyandskiy Railway Station.

On November 18, 2023 we invite you to Moscow Crocus City Hall for the concert devoted to the 20th anniversary of the band!

The musicians are rehearsing and getting ready! Over twenty years, dozens of unusual arrangements have been made, many songs have been written and performed. They gave inspiration and brought hope, lifted spirits and became the soundtracks to important moments in life.

It’s time to review the key points of the 20 years’ journey and perform iconic and rare compositions ♥.

The production will be directed by Vladimir Pankov, a winner of the “Golden Mask” Award.



Dear friends, hello everyone! Valeriy Tkhai  asked to pass on a message!

First of all, many thanks for supporting the band and him personally by buying tickets for the broadcasts of our home concerts. He’s happy to know that so many people will be able to meet his talented friends!

Big respect for everyone!

So Valera made up his mind to hold a live broadcast answering your questions in gratitude for your support! The questions may be about the upcoming holiday, but also about anything (he said, even as blunt as possible!).

You are welcome to send your questions in comments to the post on our social networks, we’ll collect them in advance and pass to Valera!

February 2 (Thursday), 4.00 – 6.00 pm  (Moscow time)


On the 27th of January, Svetlana Surganova and Valery Tkhai took part in a concert celebrating the 79th anniversary of the full liberation of Leningrad from the Nazi blockade.

The event was held at the Moscow Government House and was attended by war and labour veterans, siege survivors and their families.

We join in congratulating them on the holiday and wish everyone a peaceful sky over their heads!

Some records of Svetlana’s performance are on our Telegram Channel