The main Russian rock festival ceased its 20th roaring. The Jubilee “Nashestvie” gathered over 200 thousand spectators, more than 140 bands and traditionally turned into the greatest adventure of the summer!

“Nashesvie” is a kind of “alma mater” for “Surganova and the Orchestra” band, which celebrated its 15th anniversary last year. In 2003, thanks to the live broadcast of “Nashestvie”, which was held by “Nashe Radio”, millions of people in Russia and abroad listened to the live performance of “Surganova and the Orchestra” for the first time. After that Svetlana Surganova and her musicians went on the stage of the grand open-air more than 10 times.



The rock musician visited the Metro-Saint Petersburg’s editorial office on the eve of her concert. She chattered about the coming performance, books and cats.

– Our concert at the Roof Place site is going to be a farewell to our Jubilee program with its focus on the strings arrangements. On the roof we will be accompanied by an octet, I think. The musicians who participated in the creation of the Jubilee tour will join us.

– Have you ever performed at such venues before?

– Never.  Yet, there were simple roofs, starting with my homeroof in Kavalergardskaya street. The song “The Fiddler on the Roof” was very popular at that time. And I thought: “Why can’t I? Here is the violin, there is a roof!” Frankly speaking, that roof was sloping and uncomfortable and the main thing was to choose the right shoes. My friends and I were just walking on the roof, and it wasn’t a business in those days as it is now. The video “Ty darila mne rosy” (“You gave me roses”) by “Nochnye Snaipery” was shot on one of the Moscow roofs. A photo session with Peter Malakhovskiy, when “Nechto Inoe” band existed, took place on a roof too. Therefore, hello, roofs!  Roofs are our all!



“Surganova and the Orchestra” concert will take place at “Nashestvie” festival on June 20th. Now the band leader is getting ready for the performance, rehearsing a lot and traveling around the country. According to Svetlana Surganova, she and her colleagues have no serious requirements in the concert riders, however, of great importance for them is that all the instruments  should sound the way they  should.

On the eve of the great event the singer told to “StarHit” how she monitored her health, which public went to her concerts, and why she and Diana Arbenina did not have any misunderstandings any longer.



The international festival in Vitebsk, Belorussia, is a recognized holiday of friendship and unity of Slavic cultures. Every year more and more popular artists come here. Some of them decide to show their premieres here. Thus the famous rock band “Surganova and the Orchestra” decided to celebrate on a large scale its 15th anniversary here at “Slavyanskiy Bazaar”.

The Jubilee tour began in Russia, but one of its most significant concerts was scheduled exactly for Vitebsk. “Surganova and the Orchestra” invited the strings of “Light Quartet” onto the stage. Svetlana herself recalled her first musical education (in “Nochnye Snaipery” band she played the violin and sang). Together with Maria Savkina and the musicians of the quartet they performed a magical introduction and a pantomime of mechanical dolls …

In this celebration there was a lot from a heater and from a friendly evening. The songs (“Belye Ludi” (“White People”), “Aprelskaya” (“April Song”), “Putnik Miliy” (“Dear Traveler”), “Osenneye Shosse” (“Autumn Highway”) and others) were alternated with conversations with the audience and the singer’s thoughts about life.

Few of artists are able to be so musical, artistic and confessional on the stage, like Svetlana Surganova! The song “Miru – Mir” (“Peace to the World”), for example, gave her a reason to express regret that people spent too much time on social networks, instead of reading a good book or listening to classical music. According to Surganova, these are the ways for an individual to become “an improved embodiment of God’s plan”! The audience answered with a storm of applause and then paper doves of peace flew onto the stage.

Source: Rossiyskaya gazeta

By Alexander Alekseev


Many thanks to all the spectators, guests and participants of “Slavyanskiy Bazar” International Art Festival!

It was sunny in Vitebsk, despite the forecast, and we added some more sun, we hope so! On the closing day of the festival we performed our Jubilee program at the Vitebsk concert hall and after that we also performed our new song “Mir – Labirint” (“The World is a Labyrinth”) at the final Gala-concert of the festival.

Frankly speaking, it seems that we were cut out of the broadcast on Russia-1 – Nikita was probably too enthusiastic to dance with his guitar). Yet, there is a broadcast recording on Belarus-24, enjoy watching! )))


We are giving a concert in Moscow on July 6!

We are guests at “Moy Rayon” (“My District”) Forum, which is a part of “Moscow Urban Forum”.

Our concert site is Gostiniy Dvor

Our performance starts at 21.00

The winners of the contests, which will be held on the site during the days of “Moy Rayon” (“My District”)  Forum, as well as participants of “Aktivniy Grazhdanin” (“Active Citizen”) project, who can spend points accumulated at the “Rewards shop” for buying a ticket, will be able to get to the concert.

Tickets will appear by the end of this week on  “Aktivniy Grazhdanin” (“Active Citizen”) portal.













Today we are celebrating the birthday of the first album of “Surganova and the Orchestra” – “Neuzheli ne ya” (“Isn’t it me”), named after the title track written to the poem by I. A. Brodskiy. 

The first album became the first triumph of the team!

A year after the release it  was given the GOLD status for sales on all types of recording media and a “golden reprint” of the album with a new cover and additional bonus tracks took place.

Two songs from this album – “Bolno” (“It hurts”)  and “Murakami” – had been for several weeks number one at “Chartova Dyuzhina” on Nashe Radio, the main Russian rock music chart. “Murakami” was also nominated as the best rock song of 2003 according to the FUZZ magazine.

Regardless of the official recognition, the songs of this album are still remembered, known and loved by all fans of “Surganova and the Orchestra”, and this is the main reward!

More about the album – in our “Discography”

“It was the medicine that pushed me towards my art”

Svetlana Surganova.  Graduated from the Pediatric Academy of Saint Petersburg with a degree in “Pediatrics”

The story of my grandmother, Zoya Mikhailovna, the one who brought me up,  inspired me to become a doctor. She was a radiologist and a tuberculosis specialist, she worked in Leningrad during the Siege. The Surganovs’ family survived thanks to her profession. She had cured one of her patients of tuberculosis and out of gratitude he would bring food products to her family in the time of the Siege.

I am sure, medicine always comes in handy, even if you don’t work as a doctor: you are able to understand what is happening with you or your loved ones.  Yet, the most important was that at the Medical College and the Academy I met people who motivated me to write songs and create music. So it was the medicine that pushed me towards art.

One of the most vivid memories from the times of my internship was the first amputation where I assisted. When the surgeon finished, I had to remove a 30-kilo limb from the operating room. It was a leg of a rather big man, so heavy, it didn’t feel very good, frankly.

What can I do? Well, in case of emergency, I can make an intravenous injection, somehow. As for some specific skills, I am, of course, a theoretician. But it turned out that over the years I became almost a professional gerontologist, although I graduated from the Institute that trained children’s doctors. I am surrounded by older people: my mother, her friends. Something is always happening to them and you must help them, consult and cure. That is why I am in a good professional shape. 

Source: Zdravookhranenie Rossii

Surganova was showered with flowers in Khabarovsk

Yesterday, June 10, Svetlana Surganova’s concert was held at the City House of Culture in Khabarovsk.  The singer presented her program devoted to the 15th Jubilee of “Surganova and the Orchestra” band, – “Khabarovskiy krai segodnya” News Agency informs.

The artist was warmly welcomed and showered with flowers. 

Svetlana performed songs to the poems by Marina Tsvetaeva, Iosif Brodskiy and other classics along with compositions by modern authors. The singer had a good communication with the audience, she shared short stories about creation of the compositions and what they were about.

“We cannot finish our Jubilee year and have started the second run, – Svetlana told to our News Agency. – A big Russian tour, tours to Germany, the USA, Canada, the Baltic States, now the Far East, where we are rare guests, Sold-outs in Moscow and Saint Petersburg….  I’ve got a lot of songs by different authors, from Lorka  to Jimenez, from Brodskiy to Polozkova, the  album holding an honored position in our discography is “Pesni voennykh let” (“Songs of wartime”) album. There are great songs and genius authors there. I am especially thrilled singing songs by Okudzhava, fond of “Deltaplan” (“Hang glider”) by Artemyev, Zinovyev.  Our band, we are very eclectic…”

Svetlana answering the question why she left “Nochnye Snaipery” band said, that she was not the one who left, but the one who was forced to leave.

“I don’t regret now, not at all. Eventually, it was a right decision and the way how it was made doesn’t matter now, I am grateful for it.  I have my own way and it’s good that I was pushed onto it duly. We communicate with Diana sometimes. We were like old friends at the concert celebrating the 25th anniversary  of “Nochnye Snaipery” and performed there several songs together. I know that Dinka is always somewhere near, I feel her,” – said Surganova.

The singer also confessed that she was sometimes confused with Arbenina. 

“Diana, I am your fan since childhood.”  – It really makes me smile. Yet, I don’t like to cheat, I am not able, and in such cases I have to disappoint the person: no, my dear friend, this is not Diana, this is only Sveta,” – the leader of “Surganova and the Orchestra” band said. 

By the way, the orchestra that yesterday performed with Svetlana and her band was our local “Gloria” chamber music ensemble from Khabarovsk.