Dear friends!

According to the next Resolution of the Governor of Saint Petersburg, the sale of tickets to the standing dance floor is limited, that is to say “totally forbidden”. In this regard, our dance floor at New Year’s Solyanka on December 20 turns into a sitting dance floor – a seated parterre!

Everyone who has already bought tickets will be able to exchange them for a seat directly at the entrance: we will reserve for you the best seats in the first four rows. The earlier you come, the closer to the stage you will sit. Everyone else can now buy a ticket either to the VIP zone or the seated parterre.

Follow the previously valid link and choose the best to your taste seat on the new seating chart of the Hall!
Tickets are also available at AURORA Concert Hall and on the club’s website.

PS: We hope this Resolution is the last one (wiping sweat off our foreheads).

P.P.S: just in case, some extra explanations: the seated parterre is the same dance floor in front of the stage, but now with rows of chairs placed on it.

Buy tickets here: