When asked about my main, my most important holiday, I never recall the New Year or my birthday, I tell about the 9th of May, The Victory Day.

I grew up in a family of women that survived in the blockade. I was raised by my mother and grandmother, both of them endured all 900 days in Leningrad. And therefore for me the Day of Lifting the Siege and The Victory Day are sacred holidays.

On this day I try to observe some traditions every year. I definitely watch the parade, which is broadcast on all TV channels, the Victory Parade. I try to spend this day with my mother and her girlfriends. We go to the city, we walk along the Marsovo Pole, we lay flowers at the “Broken Circle” monument. We have a delicious dinner, talk, sing songs of the war years … If we are not too much tired we stay and watch the salute. If tired, we go home and watch it on TV. This is how we usually spend the 9th of May. 

I take the chance to congratulate everyone on this Great Day. I want everyone to remember it, especially young people. Let us all, with all our works and our thoughts, never allow another war!