“It was the medicine that pushed me towards my art”

Svetlana Surganova.  Graduated from the Pediatric Academy of Saint Petersburg with a degree in “Pediatrics”

The story of my grandmother, Zoya Mikhailovna, the one who brought me up,  inspired me to become a doctor. She was a radiologist and a tuberculosis specialist, she worked in Leningrad during the Siege. The Surganovs’ family survived thanks to her profession. She had cured one of her patients of tuberculosis and out of gratitude he would bring food products to her family in the time of the Siege.

I am sure, medicine always comes in handy, even if you don’t work as a doctor: you are able to understand what is happening with you or your loved ones.  Yet, the most important was that at the Medical College and the Academy I met people who motivated me to write songs and create music. So it was the medicine that pushed me towards art.

One of the most vivid memories from the times of my internship was the first amputation where I assisted. When the surgeon finished, I had to remove a 30-kilo limb from the operating room. It was a leg of a rather big man, so heavy, it didn’t feel very good, frankly.

What can I do? Well, in case of emergency, I can make an intravenous injection, somehow. As for some specific skills, I am, of course, a theoretician. But it turned out that over the years I became almost a professional gerontologist, although I graduated from the Institute that trained children’s doctors. I am surrounded by older people: my mother, her friends. Something is always happening to them and you must help them, consult and cure. That is why I am in a good professional shape. 

Source: Zdravookhranenie Rossii