On the eve of International Women’s Day, Svetlana Surganova and her orchestra came to visit us in Vladimir.

Women of all ages began to fill the lobby of the Art Hall long before the performance. Some of them came in pairs, many in companies. However, there were also men who proudly led their companions by the arm.

Waiting for the doors to the auditorium to open, people whiled away the time looking at and buying the band’s merch – T-shirts, CDs, bracelets, or taking pictures at the banner with the life size cardboard Surganova standing against the background of her band’s name.

The musicians did not delay the beginning of the concert: at 19.15 Svetlana and her band materialized on the stage and received a loud welcome applause.

“After a one-year break, it’s really a new sensation – the stage, the sound, the hall. As if all my receptors were renewed. A soft rebirth has taken place. Such a renaissance. I hope something similar has happened to you.” – Surganova greeted her fans. 

The audience applauded.

For “Surganova and the Orchestra” band the concert in Vladimir was the first  after a long pause. The clear, full, readable surround sound with the quality of a studio record immediately captured attention.  

It was the new remote control the band had bought and brought with them.  Svetlana took the chance to show it off.  And her pride was quite appropriate.  The audience was bathing in the super-quality sound from the first song till the last one.

Yet, for those who loved Surganova her concert was not a mere opportunity to listen to favorite songs. It was a chance to express their love to the artist. Glowing hearts and cardboard suns were handed over by the fan club in advance and the spectators kept waving them to their utmost delight all through the concert. Those who had brought flowers to Svetlana did not stop their pilgrimage to the stage from the first till the last song. As a result, there were two quite voluminous pyramids of bouquets of flowers of all kinds piling up to the right and to the left of Surganova by the end of the performance.

“How could one melt the ice of the days gone? We will answer right now in the song “Gonki” (“Races”). Catch up!” – Svetlana commented on her compositions. When she once forgot the lyrics to her another song the audience continued singing it.

Feeling the audience’s delight, the musicians played in a relaxed and selfless manner. There were the hits “Furia” (“The Fury”), “Vesna” (“Spring”), “Angel Sedoy” (“White-haired Angel”), “Beliy” (“The White”), “Reka” (“River”), “Gertrude”. Traditionally the hit “Murakami” was at the end of the main part of the performance.

“I did try to come up with a better song to end the concert. Alas. Maybe I will find one from our new album.” – Surganova shared her thoughts, adding that the new album of the band was on the way and promising to release as many as 5 videos to the songs from it.

After a short waiting of the audience, the musicians returned to the stage and finished the performance with the song “Ne Preryvay Polet” (“Do not Stop the Flight!”)  and a cover version of “Zolotoye Pyatno” (“Golden Spot”) by the imperishable Nautilus Pompilius.

The concert of “Surganova and the Orchestra” band became an ideal gift for those who did not shy away from clever and honest female songs. So, if the band decides to come to Vladimir again next year, do not doubt – buy a ticket for yourself and your soul mate! The pleasure is guaranteed.

Correspondent – Vladimir Mikhaylov

Source – Kluch.Media