Surganova was showered with flowers in Khabarovsk

Yesterday, June 10, Svetlana Surganova’s concert was held at the City House of Culture in Khabarovsk.  The singer presented her program devoted to the 15th Jubilee of “Surganova and the Orchestra” band, – “Khabarovskiy krai segodnya” News Agency informs.

The artist was warmly welcomed and showered with flowers. 

Svetlana performed songs to the poems by Marina Tsvetaeva, Iosif Brodskiy and other classics along with compositions by modern authors. The singer had a good communication with the audience, she shared short stories about creation of the compositions and what they were about.

“We cannot finish our Jubilee year and have started the second run, – Svetlana told to our News Agency. – A big Russian tour, tours to Germany, the USA, Canada, the Baltic States, now the Far East, where we are rare guests, Sold-outs in Moscow and Saint Petersburg….  I’ve got a lot of songs by different authors, from Lorka  to Jimenez, from Brodskiy to Polozkova, the  album holding an honored position in our discography is “Pesni voennykh let” (“Songs of wartime”) album. There are great songs and genius authors there. I am especially thrilled singing songs by Okudzhava, fond of “Deltaplan” (“Hang glider”) by Artemyev, Zinovyev.  Our band, we are very eclectic…”

Svetlana answering the question why she left “Nochnye Snaipery” band said, that she was not the one who left, but the one who was forced to leave.

“I don’t regret now, not at all. Eventually, it was a right decision and the way how it was made doesn’t matter now, I am grateful for it.  I have my own way and it’s good that I was pushed onto it duly. We communicate with Diana sometimes. We were like old friends at the concert celebrating the 25th anniversary  of “Nochnye Snaipery” and performed there several songs together. I know that Dinka is always somewhere near, I feel her,” – said Surganova.

The singer also confessed that she was sometimes confused with Arbenina. 

“Diana, I am your fan since childhood.”  – It really makes me smile. Yet, I don’t like to cheat, I am not able, and in such cases I have to disappoint the person: no, my dear friend, this is not Diana, this is only Sveta,” – the leader of “Surganova and the Orchestra” band said. 

By the way, the orchestra that yesterday performed with Svetlana and her band was our local “Gloria” chamber music ensemble from Khabarovsk.