Our dear friends, “Surganova and the Orchestra” band is seventeen years old! Is it only 17 or already 17 – we have not decided yet, all we know for sure is that 17 is great: the blossom of youth, the eternal spring of the heart and lots of amazing discoveries ahead!

We are grateful to each member of our band, a former, present and even, what the hell, a future one! We remain forever grateful to each of you for the mere fact that you generously, devotedly and sincerely love us. Thanks a lot!

We were eager to perform an online concert for you today, but, alas, it hasn’t worked out so far.

We ask you to understand and forgive us – birthday people are not getting beaten! And we have something else, very special for you, it is a recording of our author's performance “OtnosheniYa” (“The RelatIons”), staged on January 2, 2015 at the Bolshoi Drama Theatre. You’ll enjoy it, we are sure!

And let’s start celebrating!