Svetlana Surganova spoke with the audience in Penza abouth the lack of time

Svetlana Surganova, one of the most respected Russian rock singers, performed on the drama theater stage. The country has been admiring her for a quarter of a century, since the time when she sang in “Nochnye Snaipery”. In 2003 Svetlana organized her own band called “Surganova and the Orchestra”.

The band visited Penza within the frames of its big jubilee tour. This time the audience greeted her with deafening applause.

Surganova was singing, playing the violin and also talking to the audience. She said that for some time she could share her opinion and experience, a rather rich one, as  in November she  celebrated her 50. “I suddenly realized that we were constantly provoked to waste our precious time on some strange, unnecessary, low-quality things. I thought that there was no time left to read the classics, listen to the classics, discover some amazing things for ourselves, to visit  parents, at least,” – the singer said.

Many fans say that the main feature of the band is its ability to combine the incompatible. Rock singer  Surganova managed to fit herself into the orchestra and to unite her music and poems by Akhmatova and Brodskiy into the synthesis the admirers of poetry liked. Svetlana underlined that not all the musicians on stage had come along with her. Penza musicians participated  in the concert too and became a part of the orchestra.