The text of the total dictation at Herzen University was read by Svetlana Surganova. After the reading she was attacked by fans and it turned out into a spontaneous signing.

“The Total Dictation” international campaign is finished in Saint Petersburg.  “The Hunter for Souls”, a text by Pavel Basinskiy on the play by Maksim Gorkiy “The Lower Depths”, was written specially for the dictation. More than 14,000 people wrote the dictation at 122 sites in Saint Petersburg. The famous singer Svetlana Surganova  read for the participants at one of the sites – at Herzen University.

According to her, the task chosen for the Petersburgers and for the whole European part of the dictation geography was quite difficult: there were many compound sentences.

Probably,  it was the reason why  the singer was reading so that the audience could understand how to write correct, she practically read by syllabus the word “обаяние” and a number of words with double “н” in suffixes as well as the endings of «тся» and «ться».

After the  dictation  Svetlana Surganova was attacked by fans, she kindly signed autographs and had a small chat with them.  And it was not surprising, there was no other way to get out of the tight ring of fans.

Marina Levina, the Herzen University site curator, said that Svetlana Surganova willingly agreed to read a dictation. The singer cooperates with the university not for the first time.


Source: Nevskiye novosti

By: Lubov Khmelevskaya