March 3  “Surganova and the Orchestra” played a Jubilee concert devoted to the band 15th anniversary at  Belgorod  Philharmonics.

Opening the concert Svetlana Surganova underlined that the 15th birthday was not the only Jubilee of the season 2018-2019. In August 2018 “Nochnye Snaipery”, the band where Svetlana Surganova performed earlier, celebrated its 25th anniversary. In November the soloist herself was 50.

“Exciting events – who would not sing? Moreover, we are happy that our band is now justifying its own name.  Finally we really are “Surganova and the Orchestra” – the singer said introducing a string section of the Symphonic Orchestra of Belgorod State Philharmonics, that was accompanying her at the concert.

Svetlana Surganova took the violin and started with “Intro” music composition followed by “Vse Snachala” (“All over again”), a song written 25 years ago on the lyrics by Michail Krylov.

The first part of the concert passed on a high poetic wave. Svetlana Surganova was singing songs on the lyrics of Silver Age poets, sharing her thoughts about life, creativity, love and “what will be after”

The poem “Morskaya” (“Marine”) by Marina Tsvetaeva shows an inspiring mix of tenderness, helplessness, refinement and at the same time of incredible power, female pride and strength, that impressed me, this mix in combination  with the wonderfully organic melody by Evgenia Venling and arrangement by Denis Susin makes the song one of my favorite.  

Another composition – “Putnik Miliy” (“Dear Stranger”) is written on the lyrics by Anna Akhmatova and Tatiana Khmelnik, two poets differing in epochs, nature and poetry but of the same city – and one song as a result.

In reflections on what could save the world, Svetlana Surganova offered her own formula for universal happiness.

As the classic said, it’s beauty, of course. It’s hard to argue. It’s love, of course, as we all thought in early puberty. I would like to add that it’s kindness, for sure. This is the trinity, this is the combination, that, as it seems to me, is able to save this growing  weary world. There is every chance.

According to the singer, the song “Neuzheli ne Ya” (“Isn’t it me”), on the poem “Ot Okrainy k Tsentru” (“From the Suburb to the Center”) by Iosif Brodskiy,  remains the title song for “Surganova and the Orchestra”, this is the song from the band debut album of the same name.

I’d like to wish you and even to ask all of you. Try to watch TV programs as little as possible, all talk shows especially. It is much better to listen to the classics, to read and never to respond to various provocations – it’s really dangerous, don’t do it.  We must turn to self – development, as it is fashionable these days to say – “to become the best version of ourselves.” In my opinion, it is the most worthy occupation.

After these words, the singer, known for her pacifist views, performed the song “# MiruMir”(“Peace to the World”) and greeted those who came to the concert from Ukraine.

Throughout the evening, the fans with bouquets were coming to the stage, mostly with yellow tulips – the singer’s favorite flowers. Taking bouquets, Svetlana always took off her glasses, communicated with each fan and bowed in gratitude for the gifts.

In the second part of the concert Svetlana Surganova lightened the repertoire, recalled of the beginning of spring and passed from the philosophic – reflection songs to easier lyrical. She sang “Vesna” (“Spring”), “Aprelskaya” (“April Song”) and “Furia” (“Fury”) as a reminder of the fact that all women deserve love.

The song “Vozdukh” (“Air”) was the final one and with the music hundreds of white balloons filled up the entire auditorium. For an encore, Svetlana Surganova recited a poem by the poetess Irina Fahrenbruch, and then the musicians traditionally performed “Murakami”, not a single performance of the group was complete without.

It should be noted, that the concert of March 3d in Belgorod distinguished from all the earlier band performances in very powerful music accompaniment. Rock music in symbiosis with the symphonic orchestra and Surganova’s violin were shaking the walls of the Philharmonics and impressing the audience by richness and beauty of sound. The band and the orchestra teamwork was amazing, especially taking into account the fact that on March 2d Surganova was singing in Voronezh.  The performance was accompanied by video sequences with visual images for the songs texts and the light show.


By Oksana Artyomova

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