The international festival in Vitebsk, Belorussia, is a recognized holiday of friendship and unity of Slavic cultures. Every year more and more popular artists come here. Some of them decide to show their premieres here. Thus the famous rock band “Surganova and the Orchestra” decided to celebrate on a large scale its 15th anniversary here at “Slavyanskiy Bazaar”.

The Jubilee tour began in Russia, but one of its most significant concerts was scheduled exactly for Vitebsk. “Surganova and the Orchestra” invited the strings of “Light Quartet” onto the stage. Svetlana herself recalled her first musical education (in “Nochnye Snaipery” band she played the violin and sang). Together with Maria Savkina and the musicians of the quartet they performed a magical introduction and a pantomime of mechanical dolls …

In this celebration there was a lot from a heater and from a friendly evening. The songs (“Belye Ludi” (“White People”), “Aprelskaya” (“April Song”), “Putnik Miliy” (“Dear Traveler”), “Osenneye Shosse” (“Autumn Highway”) and others) were alternated with conversations with the audience and the singer’s thoughts about life.

Few of artists are able to be so musical, artistic and confessional on the stage, like Svetlana Surganova! The song “Miru – Mir” (“Peace to the World”), for example, gave her a reason to express regret that people spent too much time on social networks, instead of reading a good book or listening to classical music. According to Surganova, these are the ways for an individual to become “an improved embodiment of God’s plan”! The audience answered with a storm of applause and then paper doves of peace flew onto the stage.

Source: Rossiyskaya gazeta

By Alexander Alekseev