Yesterday we presented our new video in an intimate home-like setting of Crocus City Hall. It was just as we wanted and dreamed of – solemnly and touching at the same time. Today we are releasing it to the world. We believe it will leave a mark on every soul.

“Da budet svet” (“Let be the Light”) video is more than a simple personal story. This is a real revelation about love and loss, about fragility and transience of happiness, about all-consuming tenderness and overwhelming longing. And that even in complete darkness there is always room for light.

It is set at a magic point N, far beyond a city. The main character meets a boy on a deserted road. Who is he – a real person or her imagination? Where did he come from and where will he eventually go? By and large, she is not interested in it. They are happy, together, here and now.

Words and music by: Svetlana Surganova
MIRONOVA production
Directed by: Irina Mironova