“Rossiyskaya Gazeta” published a review on the album “Vse Budet” (“All Will Be”) in its traditional column “Music with Alexander Alekseev”.


“Surganova and the Orchestra” had been working on the disc for almost two years, brightening up the alarming time of quarantine with music and poetry. In the beginning there were some musical improvisations, and then the right words were found for the melodies. Some of the verses were written by Svetlana herself, others by Saint Petersburg poets.

12 compositions were chosen for the album to confirm that “all will be”. The songs are very different. Among them there is a chanting “Rzhaviy Angel” (“Rusty Angel”), which builds up tension with the alarmed piano and the guitar fingering, with the wording “someone has forgotten me in the city without snow.” There is also the playful, atmospheric, carefree “Liven Osenniy” (“Autumn Rain”) with the flying violins and the captivating melody, which goes in contrast to the disturbing existential poetry of loneliness. There is “Volchitsa” (“She-Wolf”), one cannot help listening to and singing along, and the gentle ballad “Napishi” (“Write to me”), sung in an undertone with sudden interferences of the waltz rhythms. There is  “Perron” (“Platform”) featuring the full brass group and being on the verge of a foxtrot.

Everything is in the traditions of Svetlana Surganova: she usually has something to be sad about, think about, worry about, but also something to sing along, imperceptibly switching to a dance, although  sometimes with tears in eyes. And there are many solos that just burn right into your soul – the violin, then the guitar, then the piano – and it’s no wonder for the album made of poetry and improvisations …

Therefore, it is not surprising that the disc “Vse Budet” (“All Will Be”) was released under the crowd funding system and the fans enthusiastically raised the necessary amount of money in a bit more than one day … The premiere will be at the Moscow Art Theater named after Gorky, because there is a lot of drama and amazingly performed mise-en-scenes in the new songs of “Surganova and the Orchestra”. Following is a tour of the country. We are looking forward. 

Source: Rossiyskaya Gazeta 


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