It has been a long time since we had such eventful days as at the beginning  of the long-awaited southern tour! And the start was quite different if compared with our usual tour …

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In the morning of the 17th of May “Surganova and the Orchestra” went to Mamayev Kurgan to honor the memory of the greatest feat of the Soviet people. For Svetlana, the daughter and granddaughter of the blockade women, this place is a must on her every visit to Volgograd. The band laid flowers at the Memorial to the Fallen Soviet Soldiers, and Svetlana Surganova gave a short interview to the media. She told about her deep personal attitude to celebration of The Victory Day and to the music of the war years. 

In the evening of the same day an unusual charity concert took place. It was organized at “Neftyanik” country club by our partners, the “Agency of Great Opportunities”,  with the support of the city administration.  All the raised funds  – and this was 650 thousand rubles! – were forwarded to the Volgograd City Council of Veterans. Alexander Strukov, the chairman of the Council, addressed the audience before the start of the concert.

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The concert program of “Surganova and the Orchestra” and “Aristocrat” string quartet included the Soviet songs of war and peacetime and compositions of Svetlana Surganova’s own repertoire. This more than two-hour concert was broadcast live by “Volgograd 1” TV channel on its air, as well as on our YouTube channel. The recording is now available in  Vkontakte  and YouTube.

And the next day, the 18th of May, our traditional tour of the Russian southern cities started: Volgograd, Rostov, Krasnodar, Sochi … We look forward to see you, our friends in each city!