Hello friends!  Let’s say goodbye to winter and start the new week with a small digest.

Svetlana is recovering well. After all, rest is an effective remedy. Sveta is in the hands of the best doctors, and your participation is very important for her recovery. Thank you for all your tips  and wishes, for your immense warmth!

We succeeded to solve the issue with the concerts in Volga region. We will come to you in early  summer: Nizhniy Novgorod (June, 1), Kazan (June, 2), Samara (June, 4), Saratov (June, 5), Orenburg (June, 7). Tickets are valid. Thank you for your anticipation and words of support!

We remind you of some actions in our support on the venues:
· at “Chartova Duzhina”  — song “Fluger” (“Weathervane”)
· at “Nastoyaschiy Khit-Parad “KP”  — the same “Fluger” (“Weathervane”).

Staying in touch! Take care and remember: against all odds, life goes on!