The main Russian rock festival ceased its 20th roaring. The Jubilee “Nashestvie” gathered over 200 thousand spectators, more than 140 bands and traditionally turned into the greatest adventure of the summer!

“Nashesvie” is a kind of “alma mater” for “Surganova and the Orchestra” band, which celebrated its 15th anniversary last year. In 2003, thanks to the live broadcast of “Nashestvie”, which was held by “Nashe Radio”, millions of people in Russia and abroad listened to the live performance of “Surganova and the Orchestra” for the first time. After that Svetlana Surganova and her musicians went on the stage of the grand open-air more than 10 times.

To the Jubilee “Nashestvie” the band brought a special Jubilee program! A real variety-symphonic orchestra appeared on the stage with Svetlana, there were harps, contrabasses and timpani. The orchestra was not only performing Surganova’s hits with her band, but also it was dancing, waving bows and trumpets, to the utter surprise of the public. It was not for the first time when the musicians played all these songs: they took part in the Jubilee concerts of “Surganova and the Orchestra” celebrating the band’s 15th anniversary, after which they were nicknamed “the dancing orchestra”.

The surprisingly dynamic performance was appreciated by the audience on the field and by the masters of Russian rock. For example, the first thing Yuriy Shevchuk said to journalists when asked about his impressions of “Nashestvie” was:

— The Orchestra which danced with Surganova, that was what I liked today.

(Interview in “Komsomolskaya Pravda in Ufa”, July 22, 2019)

The unusual performance was mentioned in many newspaper articles about the festival. Here is what Rossiyskaya Gazeta writes about it:

“… I was even more impressed by Svetlana Surganova, who, in addition to her band, brought a small symphony orchestra onto the stage: the first violins, the second ones, the third, and even six cellos. And there was an elegant, sensitive conductor-commander too. The audience listened with bated breath, with curiosity and respect for talents. Yes, this is how the rockers start to love symphonic and chamber music, and the “classics” to listen to rock. Therefore, it was a wonderful and very useful performance in every way”.

– All musicians are very happy and grateful to me. What do they see besides their big theaters? And here they played with a view of the sky and the forest. Many of them have not seen a forest for a long time! – Surganova was telling behind the scenes. – After the set they even went for a walk in the woods. And they stayed to listen to rock bands that performed after us.

(Article “The Waterproof”, Rossiyskaya Gazeta, July 22, 2019)


Watch a full large set of the band on  ‘”Yandex. Broadcast” , which was broadcasting live throughout all four days of “Nashestvie”.