The correspondent of NewReportage portal tells about the concert by the winners of “Moscow Spring A Capella” Festival at “PushkinRyadom” art space. 


This concert attracted my attention for two reasons. First of all, I love a cappella singing. Secondly, I could not miss practically the presentation of a new cultural space.

Anyway, first things first.

Everyone knows Svetlana Surganova, a polyphonic singer, the master of both the violin and the guitar. Rock, Latin, jazz  – they all are in her repertoire.

Recently, she created her own art space in Kolomna area in Saint Petersburg and called it “PushkinRyadom” (“Pushkin is Near”). This rather small space is equipped according to the latest trends of musical fashion. This is a studio, a rehearsal room and a performance area. To my mind, it is destined to become popular because Svetlana’s put so much warmth of her soul into it. 

Here at the end of April were presented two bands  – male and female. They were absolutely different in their singing style. “4ANIMA”, the girls’ band, took on voices and polyphony, “Plus Five”, the men, was more of an orchestra. I was trying to find hidden backing tracks in their performance, but it turned out that the vocal skills of the guys were brought to such perfection that they could imitate many orchestral instruments with their voices.

With the girls one could close eyes and just enjoy the music of their souls (Anima, the Latin for “soul” is in the name of the band not by chance). The male band demanded close attention and even participation in singing.  

Both bands are the winners of “Moscow Spring A Capella” International Contest. 

Here I look longingly at the Muscovites who host such a wonderful contest, where the squares, gardens and the boulevards of the capital become the performance sites.  

It was practically the first from the series of musical meetings called ‘”The Great Opportunities”. These meetings are organized by the art space and the “Agency of Great Opportunities” production center.  They are planned to be held on the regular basis starting in autumn. In summer Svetlana Surganova is going to release a new  album,  the sound engineers are tracking it now. In May a big charity concert by Surganova is taking place in Volgograd. 

It seems to me that the opening of such a venue in the Loft style will further  allow to hold jam concerts, which are so popular. 

Source: NewReportage