Tuesday, February  26, “Surganova and the Orchestra” band played its Jubilee program at the Philharmonics. In April 2018 the band celebrated its 15th anniversary.

In August 2018 “Nochnye Snaipery”, the band Svetlana Surganova and Diana Arbenina created in 1993, celebrated its 25th anniversary. “And I had my personal 50 in November too, – the singer added. – Exciting events – who would not sing? Moreover, our band, perhaps, for the first time in its life, is justifying the name of “Surganova and the Orchestra”. The best musicians – I dare say – the cream of Ryazan Governor’s Symphony Orchestra, will be on stage with us today”.

Svetlana decided to start the concert playing the violin instead of singing. Together with other musicians she performed “Intro”.  Following were songs of “Beliye Lyudi” (“White People”), “Mir Labirint” (“The World is a Labyrinth”), “Furia” (“Fury”) and the deathless, as the singer called them, “Vesna” (“Spring”), “Belaya pesnya” (“White Song”) and  “Putnik Miliy” (“Dear Stranger”), the song on two poems by  Anna Akhmatova and Tatiana Khmelnik.

Many compositions of the band were created relying on texts of famous poets: “Neuzheli ne Ya” (“Isn’t it me?) (Brodskiy), “Morskaya” (“Marine”) (Tsvetaeva), “Osennee Shosse” (“Autumn Highway”) (Aronzon).  Surganova told a short story about nearly each song.

“We live in a rather difficult time and we all are responsible for what is happening in the world. As people of sound sense we must not respond to provocations and watch the news on TV. Reading and listening to classis music is much better. We must try to become the best version of ourselves, may it sound banal. This is the main message of the “Miru Mir” (“Peace to the World”) song, that I wanted to communicate to the audience, – Surganova said.

The fans were giving flowers throughout the concert. Svetlana was grateful to receive the bouquets: shaking hands with fans, admiring flowers, inhaling their fragrance and holding them up like a trophy for everyone to see. She was equally happy about armloads of flowers and modest bouquets.

It was not only the singer who was given presents at the concert. She made an unexpected surprise to her fans too. And the surprise was a unique emotional coloring of the compositions. Most of her heart-breaking songs were performed in a major key. This time the audience was not crying but smiling and even dancing.

By Anna Dobrolezha

Concert photo review: