On November 14, 2021, on the birthday of Svetlana Surganova, the video for the song “Liven Osenniy” (“Autumn Rain”) premiered on our YouTube channel.

The song “Liven Osenniy” (“Autumn Rain”) is the first single, which was presented in November last year and was included in the double album “Vse Budet. Zavtra”. (“All Will Be. Tomorrow”).

The video is remarkable for its visual architecture based on the works by the French surrealist photographer Gilbert Garcin. Gilbert Garcin started taking photography in retirement, at the age of 65, and world fame came to the master at the age of 82. His conceptual work is distinguished by the depth of the semantic layers and the purity of frame construction. No wonder he was compared to Rene Magritte. Works by Gilbert Garcin are in the public collections of the European House of Photography, the National Fund for Contemporary Art, the Municipal Fund for Contemporary Art in Marseille and the Château d’Eau gallery in Toulouse. The photographer died in 2020, at the age of 90.  

The intellectual and aesthetic dimension of the video is set by the combination of five creative views from different eras on the same subject  – the sense of human existence: the French photographer Gilbert Garcin, the Spanish poet Juan Ramon Jimenez, whose lyrics (translated by Sergei Goncharenko) became the basis of the song text, artist Svetlana Surganova, musician Valeriy Tkhai, the author of the music, and director Anastasia Lavrova.

 “This is one of my favorite songs and not only from this double album. For me, it has its own layers: its rhythmic movement is like a spindle, like the sound of the wheels of a cart on the pavement, driven by a humble, little sad donkey. But in this movement there is the inviolability of the constancy of the forward movement. And that’s why I want to move to this music: with my body, thoughts, feelings,” – says Svetlana Surganova.


– The song “Liven Osenniy” (“Autumn Rain”) reveals deep meanings if you listen to it “from within”, immersing. This is a special feeling. As if you are looking at it from the reverse side. Therefore, the inspiration by the works of Gilbert Garcin in creating the visual-semantic component is not accidental here. His photographs for me are a projection of a state that could be described as “being inside the head of God”. As if they were a manifested visualization of the Creator’s thoughts.

I am particularly attentive to this work. Several strong artistic broadcasts came together at one point – I am still fascinated by this amazing turn of space,” – says director Anastasia Lavrova.

The video was the first joint work (filming took place in March 2021) of the creative tandem of the band leader Svetlana Surganova and director Anastasia Lavrova. But the premiere of this video was chosen to complete the filmed trilogy of philosophical video essays.

For the first time, the video was presented on October 5, 2021 at the pre-premiere screening in the Moscow club “16 tons” as part of the presentation of the new album of the band “Surganova and the Orchestra”.

 Worked on the video:


Director Anastasia Lavrova 

Co-producer Yana Kondratyeva

Creative producer Andrey Khudyakov

Operator Andrey Goretskiy