It was rock music flavored with an emotions stirring violin, inviting cello and persistent viola. On the first day of spring “Surganova and the Orchestra” band performed in Kursk. The concert was held within the frames of the tour dedicated to their 15th anniversary. Our city always warmly welcomes the rock lady, the former lead singer of “Nochnye Snaipery”. But this time the Kursk musicians accompanied to our favorite songs. 6 students of the Music College named after G. V. Sviridov were on stage with Svetlana Surganova.

Kursk musicians were offered to participate in the rock band performance on the night before the concert. They had only few hours to get ready. But such a musical extreme was something they were quite capable of doing.

Vladislav Ilyukhin, a student of the Kursk Music College named after  G.V. Sviridov: “It’s all thanks to our college, we are well trained here, we have such a subject as Sight – reading, we read  songs and  scores. For us, for me personally, this did not cause any difficulty in my second year. We, the ones with the cellos, call it “potatoes”, but there were also technical places to sit and learn. – What do “potatoes” mean? – Note values. “Potatoes” are half notes and quarter notes, they are easy to play with one bow”.

Svetlana Surganova, the band leader, made a powerful impression on the Kursk musicians. No star disease, only high professionalism – we played in team – and endless positivity.

Yana Kalinina, a student of the Kursk Music College named after  G.V. Sviridov: “She was very friendly, raised our fighting spirit and we did it! We were doing our best. The spectators stood up from their seats and danced, there were various songs, some popular and well-known including”.

Rada Belyaeva, a student of the Kursk Music College named after  G.V. Sviridov:

“Maria, the concertmaster, and Svetlana Surganova herself told us before the performance: “Do not worry, the most important thing is to just enjoy the process”. And indeed, the excitement faded, we really enjoyed the energy of the audience and the music. This was an unforgettable experience, of course”.

The students had heard a little of “Surganova and the Orchestra” before the concert. Now they are eager to go deeper into the band music and not only from the professional point of view. These young musicians are all for any experiments.

Liliya Makarina, a student of the Kursk Music College named after  G.V. Sviridov: “I am keen on everything, I love everything”.

That is how they play with their bows Tchaikovskiy, Surganova, Rihanna and even “Nirvana”. Here is such a good professional desire.

By – Yulia Komkina

Source  — “Seym”