Svetlana Surganova, a singer (ex-“Nochnye Snaipery”, “Surganova and the Orchestra”) has recorded a new song called “Leto” (“Summer”). It is a result of joint work of Svetlana and the music project “Uchuchudu”. The creators of the project are from Izhevsk.

The music and production project “Uchuchudu” appeared in 2016. It is aimed at teenagers aged 12-18, who get a chance to try themselves as music producers for a week.

Alexander Smakotin, the developer and co-founder of “Uchuchudu”  project, gave some details of the birth of the track:

“In May we were working at “PushkinRyadom” Art Space in Saint Petersburg. We have another format of our project called “Uchuchudu Music Weekend”. It is designed for adults and children and it is two days long. Within the frames of the project we recorded a joint track with Svetlana Surganova”.

“Leto” (“Summer”) is the result of the joint work of adults and children who are passionate about music. The theme for the future track was suggested by Svetlana herself.

Alexander Smakotin said that the participants of “Uchuchudu Music Weekend” composed the lyrics of the future song, and Svetlana compiled them. Then they jointly created music and recorded the necessary instruments. Musicians from Izhevsk also took part in the recording. Finally, Svetlana Surganova performed the song.

The track  “Leto” (“Summer”) combined modern music trends, disco, and the spirit of Soviet pop music. This track showed that age boundaries are conditional when it comes to happiness and music.

You can listen to it HERE.

“Soyuz” Studio is working at the single release and soon the song will be available not only on internet venues, but also on the radio.

It should be noted, that the cover of the track represents the work by Arina Prokhorova, the 13-year-old participant of the project “Uchuchudu Music Weekend”. It was chosen by Svetlana herself.