Earlier this year Svetlana became the president of the jury of “U235” festival of authors’ poetry and music. The festival is a part of “Rosatom School”, a  project by Rosatom SC.

Last week Svetlana and Valeriy Tkhai (also a member of the jury) visited “Orlyonok” All-Russian Children’s Centre on the Black Sea, where “International Smart Vacation” shift was taking place, the gifted children from Rosatom cities were there on holiday.

The schedule was full!

On  August  3d there was a concert for the staff of this amazing camp, a boat trip, a meeting with the director and a rehearsal of a play.

August 4th  began with a boat trip, in our stories  we shared some photos from the trip. Then Svetlana and Valeriy took part in the musical part of the children’s play “Sea, People, Ships”, and finally the awards ceremony for the children from this shift took place.

Summer camp is always fun, sun and creativity. Every day brings a lot of funny stories and new friends! Share your camp stories on our social networks!