A life hack by Svetlana Surganova.  The singer spoke about her favorite ways to spend free time. 

“The best holiday for me is to be alone, by myself. Ideal would be some nature around and a pond. Or, according to Brodskiy, water is an aspect of infinity in its purest form.

I recently bought a boat, an ordinary, inflatable boat, and went paddling around a lake not far from home. I recharged myself and recovered better than anywhere else! Now I want to take it to Karelia, to the Ladoga skerries. Another dream of mine is to have my own motorhome, to travel all over the country, to see the farthest corners, the most unexplored places. I’m sure, it will be a perfect holiday!”

As a reminder, “Surganova and the Orchestra” will play their brand  summer concert within the frames of the Roof Place Concerts Festival in Saint  Petersburg on July 29. At the picturesque Roof Place the audience will hear such hits as “Belaya” (“White”), “Pust Budet Svet” (“’Let There Be Light”), “Murakami”  and “Ya Teryayu Tebya” (“I’m Losing You”).

“Summer Concert” is the brand open-air show of the rock band “Surganova and the Orchestra”. The band traditionally prepares surprises and unexpected experiments on the sound of their favorite songs. And the audience prepares flash mobs. Every Summer Concert of “Surganova and the Orchestra” is a special event, charging you with a good mood to your favorite music. The concert program includes the famous classics, rare songs and new compositions from the album “Vse Budet. Zavtra”. (“All Will Be. Tomorrow”).

Source: “Noviy Ochag”