Our grandiose, we dare say – our world-wide (!), Jubilee tour dedicated to the 15th anniversary of “Surganova and the Orchestra” band concluded with a concert in Magadan, a city of significance for Svetlana.

We our proud to sum up now.

From October 2018 till June 2019 we:

  gave 76 concerts with the Jubilee program (nearly 150 hours – or more than 6 days of pure sound!)

  visited 74 cities in 8 countries around the world  (Russia, Belarus, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Germany, the USA, Canada)

  travelled more than 140,000 kilometers by planes, trains and cars (that would be enough to go around the Earth at the equator three and a half times!)

– in each city of Russia, the Baltics and Belarus local musicians took part in our concerts – violinists, cellists, violists – they were music university students and artists of the city philharmonics. And a full-scale pop symphony orchestra performed with us in Moscow and Saint Petersburg.

If we count all the musicians that took part in our program we would get a very big band of nearly 600 people!

However, we didn’t live by the tour alone! This anniversary year we managed to do a lot:

– took part in the “Odin Den” (“One Day”), a charitable festival of the AdVita Foundation and in the “Lovkiy Myach” (“Skilled Ball”),  a children’s football tournament of the “Shag Navstrechu” Charity Foundation, where Svetlana is a trustee;

– at our big Moscow concerts we – thanks to you! – raised an impressive sum of money for the wards of Konstantin Khabenskiy’s Charity Foundation and, thanks to this, several children have already received treatment!

– performed at the celebration of the Victory Day in “Zaryadye” park with the all-star orchestra of the Bolshoi Theater;

– for the first time since the breakup Svetlana and Diana performed together at “Nochnye Snaipery’s  25th  Anniversary” festive concerts  at the Olympiyskiy and the Ice Palace;

– we released the “Ringtone Suite” instrumental album, two singles and now are intensively working on the material for recording our next studio album;

– we shot  the “Furia” (“Fury”), the funniest video in our history;

– and a lot more …

– and even had some rest!

But of course, this is not the end of story! This summer we are waiting for the Jubilee “Nashestvie” (“Invasion”) festival and the first summer concert on the roof in Saint Petersburg!