Dear friends! 

Our Father – the Founder Valeriy Tkhai and his friend Aleksey Pleshunov, he is a guitar player too, will play a concert on April 16th at “PushkinRyadom”.  

Enjoy reading the hand-made special description of the concert made for you by Valeriy:  

“Two men – Valeriy Tkhai, the guitar, and Aleksey Pleshunov, the bass-guitar, are making On Time Duo.  

Prompted by the allure of gain they two try to play for the whole orchestra! And they do manage, sometimes! 

On April 16th you will hear the Duo’s own music and also cover versions of famous compositions.

Collaboration with Svetlana Surganova, the owner of “PushkinRyadom” Art Space,  is also planned!

To sum it up, positive vibrations and emotions are guaranteed!” 


The first 20 minutes of the broadcast will be available free on our page in Vkontakte, continuation will be on  “PushkinRyadom” YouTube channel and via the link to  Facecast

For “live” attendance at the concert and booking seats please call: Svetlana +7 (911) 709-48-88

Artist – Evgeniya Dudnik