Oh, are you all right?  Or still under impression of the last weekend’s Valeriy Tkhai’s music festival?  

We still seem to have half a dozen guitars playing in our heads!

What we were doing (in short):

– ripping guitar strings and souls 

– enjoyed performances of the poets

– recited odes to the birthday boy

–  admired the yellow socks 

–  called up Monsieur the compere 

–  did head bang 

– …tried to recall the lyrics of “Autumn Highway” …

–  watched Valera swap the guitar for the piano, the piano for the synth and the synth for the drums

– counted how many of the birthday boy’s guests could fit into the operator’s room at PushkinRyadom 

Thanks to those who were with us online, and even more to those who supported us non-stop at  the Art Space!   Of course, a lot of thanks to each of our guests: your performances were like candles on a birthday cake – bright, cheerful and hot!   

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Photos by Ekaterina Malova