“Anthology of my soul” – this is the definition given by Svetlana Surganova to her autobiography “Vse Snachala” (“All over again!”), published a year ago, in February 2020.

“This book is my word of gratitude to those people who shaped me as a person … There are stories of my parents, mother and grandmother there. I wanted to share and  immortalize them, so to speak, as a part of history of my family.

It was important for me to tell about the attitude of the people who brought me up to occupation, to work and duties. There were many decent people in Soviet times, and my family is the brightest example. There were worthy people who loved their profession, worked honestly and preserved human dignity even in the hardest times.

There were several stages in the work on the book . At first there was an idea to analyze a myriad of data from  the past years interviews and make a kind of summery, to find some merits  and compile the most interesting ideas. But, of course, that was not enough.

Then there came the idea of diary entries … These were my reflections, some impressions of people and events that shaped me. A kind of anthology of my soul, so to say. This is actually the background of development of the Svetlana Surganova. 

It was a very useful, therapeutic work for me: to plunge into myself of thirty years ago. And at first it was psychologically difficult … I was afraid of this work, sometimes I got stuck and wanted to give up … but I could not, I am used to keep my word so I had to do it. But when the last pages had been printed I felt such a relief. It was as if I gratefully let this rather long life period go. And I realized that the further development of my creative work would have never been possible without this period. I really felt relief. That time let me go too.”

On materials of Svetlana Surganova’s press conference on the book “Vse Snachala” (“All over again!”)

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