Today we are celebrating the birthday of the first album of “Surganova and the Orchestra” – “Neuzheli ne ya” (“Isn’t it me”), named after the title track written to the poem by I. A. Brodskiy. 

The first album became the first triumph of the team!

A year after the release it  was given the GOLD status for sales on all types of recording media and a “golden reprint” of the album with a new cover and additional bonus tracks took place.

Two songs from this album – “Bolno” (“It hurts”)  and “Murakami” – had been for several weeks number one at “Chartova Dyuzhina” on Nashe Radio, the main Russian rock music chart. “Murakami” was also nominated as the best rock song of 2003 according to the FUZZ magazine.

Regardless of the official recognition, the songs of this album are still remembered, known and loved by all fans of “Surganova and the Orchestra”, and this is the main reward!

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